CAM - Minimum Environmental Criteria for Building

CAM (Minimum Environmental Criteria) for building, represent mandatory environmental requirements for public procurement in Italy.

The new revision of CAM building Awarding design services and awarding of building works (approved with Ministerial Decree 23rd June No. 256, G.U. -Official Gazette- No. 83 of 6th August 2022 - in force since 4th December 2022).


CAM Minimum Environmental Criteria | Ministero della Transizione Ecologica


Mapei products and CAM


In order to understand how Mapei products are compliant with the CAM for Buildings, a couple of tools are available:




CAM compliance declarations

Nowadays the CAM declarations are issued by MAPEI Environmental Sustainability Group but a CAM Calculator (tool) is in progress and will enable to create and download these declarations on your own. 



In order to verify the compliance of a MAPEI product with CAM. it’s possible to check the PASS (Profile Aspects and Synthesis of Sustainability).
The PASS can be read and downloaded directly at products page.

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