LEED v4 – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

LEEDv4 is a voluntary rating for design, construction and maintenance of eco-sustainable buildings. It’s a worldwide certification system for buildings developed by the Green Building Council of America.

LEEDv4 considers several thematical areas, such as the sustainable site, water use and energy savings, and construction products used in the job-site.

LEED v4 certifies buildings not products.

In order to obtain this certification, our products may contribute in three thematical areas:
  • Sustainable Site: products with high Solar Reflectance Index (SRI)
  • Materials and Resources: products with EPD
  • Indoor Environmental Quality: products with very low VOC emissions

Till 2019, the amount of square meters built according to this rating outnumbered 700 million.


GBC Italia in association with the Municipality of Milan and partners such as MAPEI has developed the "Milan Green City Map" containing the buildings certified with LEED and other green ratings.


MAPEI products and LEEDv4

To evaluate which products can contribute to LEED, you have different tools like
LEEDv4 Synoptic, LEEDv4 Declarations and PASS.

LEEDv4 Synoptic

Select the product of interest and find the LEED contributes

LEEDv4 Declarations 

LEEDv4 Tool enables to create and download LEEDv4 declarations for the products of interest.



In order to verify the compliance of a MAPEI product with LEEDv4. it’s possible to check the PASS (Profile Aspects and Synthesis of Sustainability
The PASS can be read and downloaded directly at products page.

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