Sustainability Report


Our fourth Sustainability report

For the last four years, Mapei has been sharing with its stakeholders the results achieved by the company in the field of sustainability, by describing the activities undertaken to monitor and reduce the impact of production processes and products on the environment and to promote and support its employees and the community, while continuing to achieve increasingly satisfying economic results.

Letter to the stakeholders



Negli oltre 80 anni della sua storia il Gruppo Mapei ha dovuto affrontare numerose sfide, ma è nel corso del 2019 che questa nostra

Throughout its more than 80-year history Mapei Group has had to overcome numerous challenges, but it was over the course of 2019 that our great family found itself having to face its most difficult period.

The loss of our parents, Giorgio Squinzi and Adriana Spazzoli, irreplaceable beacons that guided us all through a process of constant personal and professional growth, left us feeling shocked but not defeated. The famous words of our father Giorgio, however, “Never stop pedalling”, gave us courage and helped us overcome this moment of gloom and set off again with renewed focus and drive.

Their energy and their desire to play a leading role in the world of business were an example to the more than 10,500 people that work in Mapei, who came together to enable the company to close another year successfully with excellent results.

Internationalisation, Specialisation, Research and Development and Sustainability, the cornerstones of our strategy, are behind this excellent result, but they would have been of no use without the ideas, the hard work and the determination of all our employees; the same employees that, even during the most critical moments of the health emergency, gave their all to guarantee the continuity and stability of the Group.

When we were handed the baton the identity and the heart of Mapei did not change, nor will they change: passion, commitment, transparency, talent and competitiveness will continue to be the values that inspire all the Group’s activities, indispensable qualities at the foundation of the relationship with all our stakeholders, the fundamental elements that help us overcome whatever difficulties we encounter.

Four years ago our mother, Adriana, who always had the ability to look further ahead than anybody else, planted a visible seed on the concept of sustainability in the Group by publishing the first Sustainability Report, which told all our stakeholders what the company actually was and what it stood for, and not just economic performance figures (2.8 billion Euro turnover in 2019) and a catalogue of the products and solutions on offer. A document that spoke openly and clearly to all its readers, describing Mapei and its commitment in the field of innovation, the care for its employees, the attention it pays to the environment and, above all, its deep, constant bond with the community and territory.

Now it is our turn to nurture this “sustainability seedling” we inherited and to carry on watering it with perseverance and passion, exactly the way she taught us to. And so, it is with great pleasure and pride that we present Mapei’s fourth Sustainability Report, which we dedicate to all of you, but above all to our father, Giorgio, and to our mother, Adriana.


Veronica e Marco Squinzi

Corporate CEOs

Sustainability figures

All figures refer to the entire Mapei Italy framework


Million euros distributed to
stakeholders in 2019


of 2019 turnover from
products with formulations
less than three years old


Million euros
spent on
r&d in 2019


New products introduced
on the market in 2019


Hours of technical


Partecipant to technical
training in 2019


of purchased goods (in weight)
from italian suppliers
Tonnes of CO2 emissions during the life cycle of KERAFLEX MAXI S1 ZERO adhesive offset by purchasing credits to promote expansion of the Delhi metropolitan rail network


Employees in 2019
(+3%** compared
with 31/12/2018)


Accident frequency
index in 2019


Of employees with a permanent
work contract


Hours of training
for employees
(20 hours pro capita)


New employees
in 2019


resignations in 2019


Million euros contributed
for sporting, cultural
and social initiatives
Winner of

Best Company Experience award

Winner of

Sustainable Development award


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