18 tales sing of Mapei: the ideas and the products the company has developed for major construction projects they have helped to complete throughout the world.

The stories traverse a timeline of eight decades whose characters include by turns buildings, infrastructural works, Mapei products, famous people, even passers-by and, occasionally, eyewitnesses.

Each story has, of course, an imaginary voice, yet all are prompted by facts and real events. And all are written primarily to underscore one certainty: the high quality of Mapei’s products.

Tales by Fabio Longhi - Illustrations by Carlo Stanga

The duke with a flair for the finishing touch

They’re laughing down below

The Principality of Building Materials

Butterfly in Milan

At your service, Miss

The sign of love

Ere he saw Waterloo

How a Laplander won gold

The Vatican Musketeers

Walls speak, too

Tenderloins and tiles

Run, Johnnie, run

The Great Spirit will bring the waters

I slowed time

Interstellar admixtures

Shiva and Ganesh in overbooking

Watermelon first

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