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September 17, 2017

In partnership with Marie Claire Maison Italia and Cristina Nava Studio, Mapei is promoting its materials and solutions as if they were “pieces of furniture”. Its systems are being presented in a completely new way, more focused on aesthetics and interiors.

Colour, Mapei materials and design are all interwoven to provide readers with information about the projects it is involved in: coloured finishes for decorating and protecting both inside and outside walls, coloured grouts for ceramic or mosaic tiles, mortars for exposed walls, cement-based products for floors and coatings with smooth finishes, coloured and protective oils and paints for parquets and resin floors, and natural coloured aggregates.

The sets created for the photo shoots published in Marie Claire Maison Italia are on display in the Mapei space (Gallery, Pavilions 25-26). Here visitors can really experience the settings, situations and solutions available: in their eyes, Mapei materials are no longer just functional and efficient, they are eye-catching features embellishing the spaces in which they are incorporated.

In the first photo shoot, Mapei makes its own interpretation of outdoor spaces, providing elaborate finishes for outdoor living and high-quality materials for creating designer surfaces and floors that could grace the cover of any magazine.

Green-coloured coatings focusing on nature                                                  

Silexcolor Tonachino, a silicone-based mineral coating available in the colours 80899 green and 80978 teal from the Master Collection by ColorMap®.
It is available in various grain sizes to create multiple effects and in a range of different colours to meet the tastes and choices of any designer. This is the ideal solution for outdoors to make substrates resistant to ageing, frost, antifreeze salts and light, while at the same time making the surfaces extremely elegant-looking.
The different shades of the coatings match the colours of the furniture perfectly. They brighten up the setting, making it welcoming and comfortable both structurally and aesthetically.
The colours in which Silexcolor Tonachino is available come from the Master Collection by ColorMap®, together with other colours specially designed for the Mapei Finishing and Heat Insulation Systems. Over 1000 colours in a progression of different hues and shades. The result of a study carried out on 10,000 different colours to map out, analyse in 3D and identify the positions of different colours in space and the chromatic areas required to cover the entire range of colours. 

Warm and natural coloured grouts for wall tiles

Ultracolor Plus, available in colours 113 and 136 from the Set the Mood Traditional and Natural collections, has been used to grout the tiles on two walls: on a natural stone mosaic applied to a fibreglass mesh and on a mosaic made of solid wood and regenerated polymers. Ultracolor Plus is a versatile cement-based mortar made from self-hydrating hydraulic binders guaranteeing perfect colour uniformity without any uneven patches, thanks to Drop Effect (reducing the amount of surface water absorbed) and Bioblock (preventing any alterations due to moulds) technology.
The ‘Set the Mood’ coloured grouts come in a range of 50 different shades, plus a transparent version, divided into five collections to help both designers and end users make their choices. Serene, Traditional, Natural, Glamour and Romance. A complete collection, unique of its kind in terms of the sheer range of products and colours.

MapeWall Muratura Fine for finishing stone walls

Grey-coloured MapeWall Muratura Fine was the mortar chosen for finishing the stone wall, due to its breathability, high mechanical resistance and low emission of volatile organic compounds. It is a natural hydraulic lime-based product that does not crack easily and can withstand aggressive chemical-physical agents. MapeWall Muratura Fine is available in various colours and is ideal for touching up and plumbing the gaps between stones, bricks and tufa in the exposed walls of newly constructed buildings
An oil for treating parquet and resin for decorating floors

Ultracoat Top Deck Oil, here proposed in the Teak version, gives wooden flooring a golden glow. The oil finish is long-lasting and provides protection against sunlight, wear-and-tear and the spread of wood fungi in the parquet placed outdoors around swimming pools or on terraces. The natural version of Ultracoat Deck Oil does not alter the wood’s original colour.
The flooring around the parquet is made with Mapefloor Binder 930, a resin that does not turn yellow and is resistant to wear-and-tear and atmospheric agents and selected aggregates, colour Carrara White. Mapefloor Binder 930 mixed with either solid-colour or multicoloured, granulometric aggregates for creating unique floors in all kinds of colours and an endless array of geometric patterns.  

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Images: Lorenzo Pennati

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