Mapei at the 2017 ANCI Assembly and the 2017 Cresco Award

Mapei solutions at the service of Italian Local Councils and for the sustainable development of Council-owned territories


October 10, 2017

Mapei is taking part at the annual ANCI Assembly (National Association of Italian Local Councils) in Vicenza from the 11th to the 13th of October and has a stand (Stand 30-31) to display its various solutions and innovative systems for council administrators and engineering departments.

For this 2017 edition, thanks to the new Realacci law approved on Friday the 29th of September, which awarded a budget of 100 million Euros to be invested in maintenance work in smaller local communities between 2017 and 2023, Mapei is proposing useful solutions for the redevelopment and promotion of historic town centres and road maintenance work. And that’s not all. At the 2017 ANCI Assembly, Mapei is diversifying its range of proposals to offer technology to improve energy efficiency and to strengthen and upgrade buildings to protect them against seismic activity.

These interventions, as well as other works, are amongst those being prioritised by the new law: safeguarding the environment and cultural heritage, the urban redevelopment of historic town centres and improvements in safety for roads, schools, care homes and the busiest public buildings.

Street furniture and features and redevelopment of sports surfaces
Roads, ancient town centres and public buildings are amongst the most costly items in a local council’s annual budget because they often require numerous interventions. Mapei, fully aware of the requirements and needs of the engineering departments of local councils, offers a wide range of innovative and durable products and systems for road maintenance, the redevelopment of decorative stone road surfaces and the installation of decorative concrete road surfaces.

MAPESTONE, a system used to redevelop and install contemporary decorative stone road surfaces, includes a complete range of products for installing and grouting solid blocks, slabs, paving bricks and cobblestones. This system has numerous advantages; first and foremost its durability, strength and resistance to chemicals, freeze/thaw cycles, de-icing salts and sea water: this means less maintenance work and, therefore, a reduction in maintenance costs for local councils. And that’s not all. Thanks to its durability the Mapestone system stops road surfaces from deteriorating and, as a result, reduces the risk of accidents and, at the same time, thanks to the levels of strength achieved after just a short time, helps reduce down times before reopening roads to vehicles, which means less disturbance to road users. Mapei completed the Mapestone line this year with the introduction of two new products for the installation of contemporary decorative stone road surfaces which are both elastic and perviousMAPESTONE JOINT solvent-free, non-flammable polyurethane binder for sealing grout lines between blocks, paving bricks and cobblestones, and
MAPESTONE JOINT CLEANER odourless cleaner, specific for removing residues of MAPESTONE JOINT. The products from the Mapestone line are fully compliant with current standards and site safety norms.

MAPEI COLOR PAVING is the solution proposed by Mapei to create decorative concrete road surfaces with an exposed aggregate finish. A complete system that stands out from other solutions for its excellent mechanical properties and durability. These characteristics reduce the amount of routine maintenance, which means significant economic advantages for local councils. The system meets the needs of designer engineers, contractors and clients thanks to its wide choice of personalization, low initial investment cost and its simple installation procedures. The finish obtained with this system is similar to that of terrazzo flooring. The option to mix the binders with locally-sourced stone or to work with coloured aggregates, along with the option to choose different pigments for the cementitious matrix and different penetration depths for the exposed stone, make it the perfect solution for creating road surfaces and pavements that integrate perfectly with the surrounding where it is employed.

 There are numerous Mapei solutions available for road maintenance work. To solve the various problems normally encountered on roads and in piazzas, Mapei proposes three different products: MAPE-ASPHALT REPAIR 0/8 one-component, ready-to-use reactive asphalt for repairing potholes, MAPEGROUT SV compensated-shrinkage, rapid-setting and hardening, free-flowing mortar for repairing concrete road surfaces and anchoring drain covers and manholes in place and MAPEFILL R rapid-hardening, free-flowing mortar for anchoring metal structures in place and filling rigid joints between concrete elements and pre-cast concrete. The advantages of Mapei road maintenance products are their rapid and simple installation and the reduced down times of repaired structures and roads before putting them back into service.

The Mapei Sport System Technology division offers technologies and systems for repairing and refurbishing all types of sport surfaces and redeveloping sports arenas and complexes.

In particular, Mapei has MAPECOAT TNS technology available for making resin playing surfaces such as indoor and outdoor tennis and basketball courts as well as for multisport playing surfaces, and for cycle lanes, pedestrian zones and street furniture and fittings. For natural and artificial grass playing surfaces, Mapei proposes MAPESOIL technology to create playing surfaces with inbuilt drainage without the use of embedded pipework. For synthetic grass playing surfaces, Mapei proposes ULTRABOND TURF adhesives to bond the grass. Amongst the other solutions proposed is ADESILEX G19, an adhesive used to install prefabricated rubber on athletics tracks and multi-purpose sports surfaces. And lastly MAPELASTIC, the two-component, elastic cementitious mortar for waterproofing swimming pools before installing ceramic tiles.

The solutions proposed for street furniture and features and the redevelopment of sports arenas and complexes will be the theme of a convention to be held on Thursday the 12th of October at 10:00 in the ENEL Room; the convention will be held by Mapei line specialists and is open to the general public.

Solutions for the building industry and structural strengthening for buildings
Amongst the other proposals available there is the MAPE-ANTIQUE line of cement-free, lime and Eco-Pozzolan based solutions, ideal for consolidating, restoring, de-humidifying and rendering masonry buildings, both of recent construction and existing buildings, as well as buildings of historic interest covered by National Trust protection orders.

For repair work on deteriorated concrete Mapei proposes certified R2 and R4 class PLANITOP SMOOTH&REPAIR and PLANITOP SMOOTH&REPAIR R4 fibre-reinforced, rapid-setting cementitious mortars which, in just one single product, repair and smooth over surfaces. They are recommended, respectively, for non-structural repair work (such as the concrete mouldings of protruding decorative features) and structural repair work on concrete where higher mechanical performance characteristics are required.

Mapei also proposes various solutions for structural strengthening and seismic improvement and upgrading for buildings. The fabrics, sheets and rods in carbon fibre, glass fibre and basalt fibre, used in combination with the special epoxy resins, from the FRP SYSTEM line to strengthen all types of structures, certified both at national level with a CIT Certificate (Technical Certificate of Compliance) and international level (ICC-ES Certificate), the special mortars and structural meshes in glass fibre and basalt fibre from the FRCM SYSTEM, specifically developed for strengthening masonry and the range of PLANITOP HPC fibre –reinforced “micro-concretes” with very high performance properties, including PLANITOP HPC FLOOR, the innovative system for strengthening floor slabs without additional steel reinforcement.

Last but not least, for external thermal insulation on buildings, Mapei proposes the MAPETHERM System that also offers an important added value: the MAPEI guarantee based on its world leadership in the adhesives sector. Mapei adhesives are highly effective in contrasting deformations caused by the different temperatures generated on the two faces of the panels, making it possible to install innovative insulating systems safely, whatever type of panel is used. Amongst the other products from the external thermal insulation line worth a mention are MAPETHERM FLEX RP organic skimming compound with exceptional elasticity and resistance to impact loads, recommended for maintenance work on deteriorated external cladding systems and for installing the latest generation of insulation systems, ideal for communal areas, schools and shopping centres, and, thanks to its vast experience of the world of ceramics, Mapei also proposes MAPETHERM TILE SYSTEM, the innovative system for installing slim porcelain tiles on insulating panels.

Cresco Award – Sustainable Cities
During the course of the annual ANCI Assembly there will be a prize-giving ceremony for the CRESCO Award – Sustainable Cities contest, which is organised by the Sodalitas Foundation and ANCI to promote initiatives from Italian local councils that have been the most effective in promoting sustainable development within their areas of government. After acting as partner in this event last year, Mapei has confirmed once again this year how the company is committed to supporting the most virtuous local councils. In fact, apart from being an official Partner of this contest, Mapei is taking part in the initiative with its own award: recognition for the local council that proposes energy redevelopment programmes that combine construction technology with external appearance, particularly in the school buildings sector.
The Council that wins the Mapei Award 2017Protection and decoration systems in energy redevelopment programmes for school buildings” will be provided with a specialised technical consultancy package to assess which technical and aesthetic interventions may be adopted to obtain the best energy performance from buildings, covering projects for both new builds and renovation work. The consultancy package will be used to identify the most appropriate solutions to be adopted, in terms of both application cycle and colour scheme, to guarantee the entire system is sustainable, efficient and durable.

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