Innovative and complete solutions on show at the Mapei stand (A05-20)

January 22, 2018

At Klimahouse 2018 (Bolzano, 24th-27th January) the best Mapei solutions for energy efficiency, living comfort and the construction of certified buildings, from the installation of structural strengthening, to thermal insulation for walls and coatings for the surface of walls

Mapei is on show this year at Klimahouse with cutting-edge solutions and systems to reduce seismic risk and make building safe that may be integrated with certified MAPETHERM solutions, the external thermal insulation system that guarantees reduced energy consumption in summer and winter and improved living comfort. Integrated, compatible systems which may be employed to carry out combined interventions to reduce seismic risk and increase energy efficiency, with the added bonus of qualifying for Sisma Bonus + Eco Bonus tax breaks of up to 85%.

Another featured product of this edition of Klimahouse is MAPECOAT ACT: from Mapei research, the new line of superior performance wall coatings with a series of systems incorporating advanced technology for protecting and decorating the surface of walls.


Constructing a sustainable future together

The stand has been designed to provide visitors with a comprehensive overview of Mapei activities targeting environmental sustainability. Numerous Mapei solutions and systems have been created for a sustainable, responsible building industry. As a demonstration of this commitment, Mapei has designed a wall in the stand to illustrate the most significant references executed around the world in terms of importance, project complexity and use of Mapei sustainable products and systems.

The Mapei solutions proposed are formulated with innovative, recycled and ultra-light raw materials, specifically developed to have a low impact on the environment, remain durable over the years, reduce energy consumption and to have very low emission of volatile organic compounds (to safeguard the health of installers and end users).


Certification and protocols for quality, sustainable architecture

Mapei products and systems are certified by the most important institutes according to the most severe classifications with regard to environment, health and performance. Mapei products with low emission level of volatile organic compounds are certificated EMICODE, by GEV.

Mapei also subscribes to the LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) protocol, which sets out precise parameters for the design and construction of healthy, energy efficient buildings with a limited impact on the environment, and to the BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) protocol, which evaluates the environmental performance of buildings to enable designers and contractors to acquire important credits.

Our manufacturing processes are also geared up to sustainability: lower consumption of natural resources such as water, energy and non-renewable raw materials, lower emissions and waste and recycling of waste products.

Since 2016, Mapei has been introducing EPD (Environmental Product Declarations), “identity cards” which document the environmental performance properties of a product during its entire life cycle, requested by architects and designers to help them get a clearer understanding of the sustainability characteristics of a product and its impact on the environment. Mapei will be showing both Standard EPD’s, which cover a single product, and Model EPD’s, which cover all the products that fall within a specified range of chemical compositions and applications covered by that particular EPD.


Strengthen & Insulate, now even more worth your while

Mapei’s consolidated experience in the structural strengthening of buildings, together with the company’s extensive knowledge of materials and technologies in the external thermal insulation of buildings, has given life to Mapei integrated systems for the combined strengthening and insulation of buildings.
Thanks to the tax-break opportunities offered by Sisma Bonus for work carried out to reduce seismic risk, and Eco Bonus for energy upgrading, according to the Italian Law No. 205 of 27/12/2017 it is now possible to take advantage of tax breaks of up to 85% for combined strengthening and insulating work.
Mapei structural strengthening systems are characterised by their high mechanical performance properties and guarantee quick installation, compact thicknesses and practically no additional weight.
Mapei thermal insulation products form a complex system made up of different materials, each one certified to comply with the most restrictive European standards.


Like a made-to-measure solution, certified for every size: MAPETHERM

correctly insulated building must maintain the right temperature of the air and structure to impede heat transfer, both in summer and winter. MAPETHERM solutions for external thermal insulation create the ideal thermal insulation for new constructions and during renovation work on old buildings. Four highly technological, innovative solutions to overcome various problems encountered on site: MAPETHERM SYSTEM with ETA certification and dedicated EPD; MAPETHERM AR1 LIGHT system with a textured skim coat; MAPETHERM FLEX RP system with high resistance to impact loads, mould and mildew; MAPETHERM TILE SYSTEM, exclusive for ceramic coatings.

Find out more about Mapei solutions for thermal insulation

MAPETHERM SYSTEM, the external thermal insulation system for interventions on new constructions, excels for its intelligent use of adhesive, the key component, the result of Mapei’s world leadership in the adhesives sectorMAPETHERM adhesives are highly effective in contrasting deformations caused by the different temperatures generated on the two faces of the panels, making it possible to install innovative insulating systems safely, whatever type of panel is used.

MAPETHERM FLEX RP is an elastic, impact-resistant skimming compound used to form cutting-edge external thermal insulation and to carry out the refurbishment of old external thermal insulation damaged by the rigours of time and bad weather. It is the result of a combination of technologies which make it a unique, highly innovative product in the thermal insulation sector. Available in particle size 1.5 mm, MAPETHERM FLEX RP excels for the results obtained in tests to measure resistance to impact by solid bodies according to EN ISO 7892 at the ITC (Institute of Construction Technology), in compliance with ETAG 004, a particularly important result in the case of critical areas.

MAPETHERM AR1 LIGHT is a cementitious adhesive mortar developed by Mapei for application in thick layers: a lightweight product with Ultralite technology, recommended for the creation of reinforced skim coats on external thermal insulation systems and for repairing deteriorated façades, it is ideal for use on uneven substrates before applying a paint cycle.

MAPETHERM TILE SYSTEM is the system used for installing ceramic tiles and engineered stone on insulating panels. It is characterised by its higher mechanical properties thanks to the use of reinforced structural render made up of PLANITOP HDM MAXI two-component, fibre-reinforced mortar and MAPEGRID G 120 A.R. glass fibre mesh. Apart from the advantages of traditional external thermal insulation systems, MAPETHERM TILE SYSTEM has other benefits such as easy maintenance, colours resistant to aggressive chemicals and smog and its unique aesthetic characteristics.

Wall finishes with superior performance: MAPECOAT ACT

Mapei presents MAPECOAT ACT, a range of enamel wall paints certified according to current legislation developed by the R&D laboratories to meet the requirement for high levels of hygiene and cleanliness in areas where food and drinks are processed and handled and in health-related surroundings. They are available in more than 1,000 original shades from the MAPEI MASTER COLLECTION using the ColorMap® Automatic Colouring System

MAPECOAT ACT 021 is the enamel paint specifically developed for use on walls and ceilings in areas with food and drinks and complies with the HACCP protocol and UNI 11021 standards, which specify the requirements and relative test procedures for paints and varnishes for walls and ceilings in areas where food and drinks are processed and handled. MAPECOAT ACT 021 has undergone various tests, resulting compliant with all the essential requirements, such as dirt pick-up and the release of odours, as well as with specific requirements, such as resistance to cleaning cycles and cleanability, resistance to mould, resistance to cleaning agents and disinfectants and, lastly, temperature changes. 
MAPECOAT ACT 196 is the proposal for health-related surroundings, schools and recreation centres in compliance with ISO 22196 standards. Its special composition of acrylic resin in water dispersion and protective, wide-spectrum biological agents contrast the deposit and proliferation of bacteria on surfaces, including those cleaned and disinfected frequently, according to tests carried out using cleaning agents and disinfectants. According to the Test Report issued by IMSL (Industrial Microbiological Services Ltd), carried out to Determine anti-bacterial Activity on surface coatings, MAPECOAT ACT 196 is resistant to the most widespread bacteria and is suitable for protecting and decorating walls and ceilings in hospitals, out-patient clinics, doctors’ surgeries, schools, nurseries, gymnasiums and changing rooms. 
MAPECOAT ACT enamel paints have EPD certification and comply with international standards ISO 14025 and EN 15804.

Colours you couldn’t imagine: MAPEI MASTER COLLECTION

Mapei looks at colours in the building industry from a new angle and proposes the MASTER COLLECTION: 1,002 original, dedicated Mapei shades for Mapei Coating Systems and Thermal Insulation.
This collection of colours excels for its completeness and uniqueness: it is the result of scientific analysis carried out using sophisticated software which is able to analyse 10,000 shades and, by “reading” their reflectance, visualise their position on a chromatic scale and, along with 3D comparison, pinpoint which chromatic areas to implement. Once the shades have been identified and analysed, they are grouped together in a handy, manageable format.
The shades available from the MASTER COLLECTION meet the specific technological requirements of every single project:

  • Colours for external surfaces with high chromatic sensitivity, demonstrated through accelerated ageing tests with a Weather-Ometer.
  • Colours with high resistance in alkaline surroundings, with a choice of shades for both silicate and siloxane systems.
  • Colours with a reflectance index suitable for MAPETHERM systems.

The shades available in the MASTER COLLECTION can all be created using the ColorMap® automatic colouring system by Mapei.


Mapetherm System Coatings Comfort Thermal Insulation

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