Mapei Systems on show at BBTech expo

Mapei presents its flooring solutions for the beverages industry

February 4, 2019

From the 16th to the 19th of February, Mapei will be in Rimini to take part at BBTech expo (Pavilion C2 – Stand 035), the trade fair aimed at professionals working in the field of technology, equipment and accessory items for the production and packaging of beers and soft drinks, with a display of its flooring solutions specifically designed for the food and beverages sector.


Mapei will be proposing its own consolidated range of MAPEFLOOR SYSTEM epoxy resin and polyurethane-cement based solutions, all in compliance with the most stringent standards for use in the food and beverages sector (EN 1186, EN 13130 and prCEN/TS 14234, as well as the Decree of Consumer Goods that represents the conversion of European Directives 89/109/EEC, 90/128/EEC and 2002/72/EC regarding contact with foodstuffs), and which may be used to create protective seamless coatings for floors characterised by their particularly high performance properties, high levels of hygiene and ease of maintenance.


MAPEFLOOR SYSTEM coatings allow you to operate in complete safety, including in areas where floors are constantly in contact with liquids, by offering a range of surface effects characterised by their highly non-slip finish while helping to keep cleaning and sanitisation operations as simple as possible.

MAPEFLOOR SYSTEM coatings are also impermeable, resistant to thermal shock, high service temperatures, impact loads and mechanical stresses in general, as well as being resistant to aggressive chemicals and substances such as acids, basic solutions, oil, grease, saline solutions, hydrocarbons, etc.


All of this means that coatings made from resin-based systems from the MAPEFLOOR SYSTEM collection are ideal for use in environments and areas where beverages are processed, packed and stored, with hundreds of references from all around the world as proof of their suitability for use.


The three-component, polyurethane-cement based formulates from the MAPEFLOOR SYSTEM CPU range in particular, with their very high resistance to chemicals and the most severe levels of thermal shock, are recommended for use in areas where beverages are processed under extreme conditions.


MAPEFLOOR SYSTEM coatings are recommended for making both new floors and for refurbishing existing floors and are available in various colours to meet all the aesthetic requirements of designers and clients.

For further information visit: Products for cementitious and resin floors 

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