Mapei is taking part in the first edition of MOW - Milano Outdoor Week

Mapei joins the week dedicated to the outdoors promoted by Villegiardini, from the 22nd to the 26th of May in Via Fiori Chiari, Milan 

May 16, 2019

The first edition of MOW – Milano Outdoor Week is being held in the very heart of the design district in Brera; a week of events with experts, manufacturers of outdoor furniture and presentations from companies on issues related to sustainability.

Mapei is also taking part in the event with numerous solutions designed to guarantee the durability of items and elements that fall under the umbrella of urban design and furniture: solutions for stone and architectural concrete paving and systems to create and decorate urban surfaces. Mapei is also proposing various solutions for facades and the external surroundings of buildings, such as thermal insulation systems, coatings and dressings for facades, products for repairing and skimming concrete, waterproofing systems and a range of oils to protect wooden flooring.

The aim of the space set up in Via Dei Fiori Chiari, which is open to the public from 9:00 am until 8:00 pm, is to showcase the Mapei solutions available and to present ways in which they may be adopted in various areas of use.

As part of the event, on the 23rd of May from 5:00 pm in Galleria Robertaebasta in Via Dei Fiori Chiari 3, Mapei will take part in a meeting entitled “Public gardens and eco-sustainability”, with presentations on how to use their systems to create paving in urban settings.

Urban systems

To create stone paving suitable for vehicles Mapei is proposing MAPESTONE and MAPESTONE JOINT. These two systems, which are used to create monolithic paving and elastic pervious paving, respectively, have very high mechanical properties and very high resistance to de-icing salts, freeze-thaw cycles and sea-spray.

And to create architectural exposed-aggregate concrete paving, the solution is MAPEI COLOR PAVING: the durable paving system resistant to loads, which can be fully personalised to suit individual tastes with a choice of aggregates to integrate to perfection with the surrounding area.

To create urban surfaces such as cycle lanes, pedestrian areas, carparks and multi-purpose areas, the solution is MAPECOAT TNS, a range of strong and durable resin-based systems. These systems may be applied on any type of substrate and, by adopting this solution, it is possible to comply with the performance criteria required for paving as well as the aesthetic requirements of designers and clients

MAPEFLOOR BINDER 930 is a transparent polyurethane binder by Mapei for decorative paving. By combining this product with aggregates in different colours and particle sizes, it becomes possible to create paving for courtyards, driveways and pavements; decorative dressings for external settings such as terraces and balconies; decorative dressings for flooring in porticoes; pervious decorative paving around swimming pools; decorative flooring for internal settings such as exhibition halls, storage areas and retail outlets.


Solutions for outdoors

To thermally insulate the outside of buildings Mapei proposes MAPETHERM SYSTEM, with the capacity to guarantee lower energy consumption in both summer and winter and improve living comfort by balancing the temperature between rooms and walls, thereby eliminating condensation of water vapour lying inside the walls of buildings.

MAPETHERM TILE SYSTEM is an alternative solution for installing slim porcelain tiles on insulating panels which, apart from having the advantages of classic external thermal insulation systems, has other benefits such as easy maintenance, colours which are resistant to attack from chemicals and smog and unique aesthetic characteristics.

For decorating and protecting facades, various Mapei solutions to prevent the formation of mould and mildew will be showcased: a complete range of paints and coating products containing BioBlock® technology, which impedes the formation of microorganisms responsible for damage caused by mould.

And to repair and skim deteriorated concrete, the proposal from Mapei is PLANITOP SMOOTH&REPAIR, fibre-reinforced cementitious mortar which, in just one single solution, repairs deteriorated concrete and levels off surfaces.

To waterproof terraces and balconies the solution proposed by Mapei is MAPELASTIC, elastic cementitious mortar that solves the problem of water infiltrations. This mortar has numerous advantages, such as excellent adhesion on all surfaces, flexibility, including when used in areas with particularly rigid temperatures, resistance to UV rays and chlorides and good crack-bridging properties.

And for the treatment and routine maintenance of wooden flooring, Mapei proposes ULTRACOAT OIL CARE, natural drying oil that helps maintain the original appearance of wooden floors.

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