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Mapei Systems for the shipbuilding industry 
June 4, 2019

Mapei has developed an extensive and comprehensive range of cutting-edge solutions and systems for the shipbuilding industry that stand out for their quality and durability. Solutions characterised by their excellent performance properties, certified quality and versatility which make a real difference in construction or refurbishment projects for cargo ships, military vessels, cruise liners, offshore installations and yachts.

And these solutions, coupled with Mapei’s testified know-how backed up by numerous projects in a host of domestic and international shipbuilding yards, are on display at the Nor-Shipping maritime trade fair being held from the 4th to the 7th of June in Oslo (Hall D – Stand D 3-30). This two-yearly appointment is a point of reference for the sector and attracts 30,000 professionals from all around the world, keen to find out more about the latest developments and trends from the companies exhibiting their wares (900 in 2017).

Showcased at Nor-Shipping is Mapei’s range of solutions developed to improve the level of acoustic comfort on cargo ships, cruise liners and offshore oil rigs where the level of noise generated by machinery and the non-stop teamwork of the crew can be a major source of disturbance.

And depending on the type of noise, due to vibrations or impact loads, Mapei proposes a diverse range of solutions.

Vibration noise

MAPEFLOAT SYSTEM is a range of floating systems that dampen vibrating structural oscillations (generated by constant operation of on-board machinery) by isolating the vibrating structure from the rest of the areas, rooms or cabins. These systems are made up of a isolating layer made from MAPESILENT MARINE panels and a mass layer made from ULTRAPLAN MARINE cementitious mortar.

MAPEVISCO SYSTEM, viscoelastic systems that dampen mechanical vibrations and the noise they generate, are used in technical areas of a ship, such as technical and service rooms, or in certain portions of such areas. They are made up of a viscoelastic layer of MAPEDECK VISCOELASTIC 100 and a bonded mass layer which can be made from various types of material: ULTRAPLAN MARINE cementitious mortar; steel or aluminium plates; MAPEDECK INTEGRATED fibre-reinforced, high-density mortar made from special cement and heavy aggregates, so you can calibrate and modulate its density and elasticity, which can be used as a part of floating systems to improve and integrate their acoustic dampening characteristics.

Combined systems, featuring the decoupling action of MAPESILENT MARINE panels in synergy with the viscoelastic properties of MAPEDECK VISCOELASTIC 100 to improve the acoustic dampening characteristics of the systems.

Impact noise

MAPEDECK I.S. (Impact Sound) SYSTEM, a range of systems to dampen noise generated by impact loads or footsteps.

MAPEDECK I.S. SYSTEM LITE, soundproofing systems against impact noise characterised by their lightweight sub-layer of MAPEDECK ULTRASCREED, which considerably reduces the overall weight of the systems while maintaining the same thickness.

Mapedeck Antiskid F4

Apart from systems for soundproofing rooms and cabins, Mapei proposes MAPEDECK ANTISKID F4, a new type of coloured, non-slip acrylic resin for coating internal and external surfaces on ship decks and helicopter pads on offshore platforms. Apart from being resistant to all climatic conditions and aggression from direct sunlight and sea-spray, it gives surfaces a level of protection that remains durable over the years.

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