Mapei publishes their third Sustainability Report

820.9 million euros generated and distributed to stakeholders in 2018

September 23, 2019

Mapei, one of the leading manufacturers in the world of chemical products for the building industry, bases its business strategy on Internationalisation, Research & Development and Specialisation in the building world, and has always adopted and promoted ethical behaviour in the name of product, process and social sustainability.

Over the years, the company’s increasing awareness and sensitivity to these important issues has led to them adding the theme of Sustainability to the company’s three cornerstones, a fundamental driver for the continuous development of the company.

Knowing that we are in a position to offer a significant contribution, as a Group we believe we have a duty to be in the front line in the challenge to achieve a more sustainable building industry. Being in such a position means we will have to dedicate more and more resources in order to develop innovative products that can help to increase the sustainability of buildings in which they are used and minimise their impact on the surrounding environment and on the health of those who live in them”, declared Giorgio Squinzi, who then added, “This commitment to the subject of product sustainability will not diminish our level of attention towards all the other environmental and social initiatives which, for decades, Mapei has undertaken with resourcefulness and the desire to succeed, while fulfilling the interests of all the company’s stakeholders”.

In the name of transparent, open communication, since 2017 Mapei has been publishing their annual Sustainability Report on the company’s environmental, social and economic impact, which is drawn up according to GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) Sustainability Reporting Standards.

This year Mapei is publishing their third Sustainability Report to communicate and share the achievements in 2018 of the Parent Company and of all the Group’s Italian subsidiaries (Adesital, CerCol, Mosaico+, Polyglass, Vaga and Vinavil). Compared with previous years all Mapei stakeholders have been verified, while the process of materiality analysis has been reviewed to give more significance to the company’s approach to certain environmental issues and to make the definition of some of the issues already included even more clear and effective.


In 2018 Mapei generated 820.9 million Euros of financial value distributed to their stakeholders; invested 35.7 million Euros into Research & Development; introduced 108 new products onto the market; spent around 32 million Euros in sponsorships for sporting, cultural and social initiatives.

94% of new employees were taken on with permanent contracts: an important indicator of how Mapei cares about their employees. A level of care that is even further demonstrated by supplying 42,200 ore of training and signing an agreement with the trade unions on holiday leave donations and an ethical bank account.

The achievements presented in the 2018 Sustainability Report are the result of:

  • intense Research work aimed at developing innovative, sustainable solutions coordinated by the main Research Centre in Milan in Via Cafiero, Mapei’s historic head-office.
    The resources invested in the three-year period 2016-2018 have shown a trend in constant growth; in 2018 they amounted to almost 36 million Euros, 88% of which was passed on to the Parent company;
  • an efficient production process supported by the adoption of management systems, an informed and sustainable administration of the supply chain, the conscientious consumption of materials and efficient management of the environmental impacts generated;
  • investing into the development of our employees, which translates into constant commitment to the development of their professional capabilities and taking a special interest in their wellbeing and their personal life;
  • actively participating in the life of the local community through sporting, cultural and charitable initiatives in various areas and territories to encourage and promote the development of people’s wellbeing.

Mapei’s constant commitment to the development of an increasingly sustainable way of doing business, and being fully aware of the company’s role in society, have led Mapei Group to embark on a path whereby it will subscribe to, share and promote the Agenda 2030 initiative and the Sustainable Development Goals – SDG’s approved by the member States of the General Assembly of the United Nations for the peace and prosperity of mankind and of the planet.
Based on the company’s priorities and in line with the themes identified, Mapei has chosen to share and promote four of the development goals in particular defined by the United Nations:

  • health and wellbeing – to ensure the health and wellbeing of everyone and of all age groups;
  • quality education – to provide quality, fair and inclusive education and a chance for everyone to learn;
  • enterprise, innovation and infrastructures – construct resilient infrastructures and promote fair, responsible and sustainable innovation and industrialisation;
  • sustainable cities and communities – to make cities and settlements more human, more inclusive, safer, more durable and more sustainable.

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