Mapei at Metstrade 2019

Amsterdam, from 19th to 21st November 2019 – SYP, Stand 11.210 - Hall 11

November 19, 2019

Mapei will once again be attending Metstrade, the international exhibition dedicated to the marine leisure industry, taking place in Amsterdam from 19th to 21st November, 2019.

At Metstrade (SYP, Stand 11.210 - Hall 11) Mapei will be offering visitors the opportunity to come into contact with the world of Mapei Marine, a reality made up of innovative solutions, a specialised technical consultancy service and international experience consolidated over the years through working on projects and sites all around the world.

Light up the darkness with our stellar products

Mapei will be proposing to sector professionals an extensive range of safe and certified solutions that guarantee the best result possible with every job and intervention. Thanks to their versatility and quality and their combination of aesthetics and functionality, Mapei Marine systems may be applied in many different areas of use: from those reserved to members of the crew to areas open to the public, both internally and externally.

Mapei Marine products may be employed for both small-scale site operations and the largest of sites and from the simplest to the most complex, wherever compliance with health & safety and hygiene standards are a must. What is more, Mapei Marine solutions also allow you to carry out tailor-made interventions, enabling you to meet the requirements of even the most demanding designer or client.

All Mapei Marine solutions have been developed with a focus on sustainability and respect for mankind and the environment. Mapei Research & Development has formulated solutions using innovative raw materials with low emissions of VOC.

Thanks to their high level of durability, elements and components have a longer life cycle, resulting in a reduction of waste material and lower consumption of materials and energy for reconstruction work.

At Metstrade, Mapei will be particularly emphasising their solutions for interior and exterior decks on ships characterised by high levels of elasticity and flexibility and high resistance to chemicals and abrasion. Mapei Marine products are available in a host of colours to help create different effects and patterns, as well as in a teak version to simulate the effect of natural wood.


At METS Mapei will be proposing:

- MAPEDECK TEAK DESIGN self-levelling, seamless resin coating to create flooring with a teak-effect finish. Apart from its classic colour, this product is also available in 4 different shades.

- MAPEDECK TEAK EVOLUTION, a new self-levelling, seamless resin coating to create flooring with an even more realistic wood-effect finish which reproduces the typical grain pattern of natural wood.

- MAPEDECK MONO DESIGN decorative, fine-textured, trowellable polymer skimming compound for coating interior surfaces. Available in various colours.

- MAPEDECK MIRUM decorative, aliphatic skimming compound with a highly decorative finish for coating interior and exterior floors, walls and ceilings on ships and yachts. May also be used for coating swimming pools.

- MAPEDECK TERRAZZO seamless resin coating to create interior floors with a “Venetian Terrazzo” effect finish in combination with natural aggregates.


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Products mentioned in the article

Decorative polyurethane skimming compound to create a highly attractive finish on internal and external surfaces on ships and yachts
Fine-textures, trowellable, polymer smoothing and levelling compound for decorative coatings on floors and walls
Self-levelling product to create flooring with a “teak effect” finish. Available in five different colours

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