Mapei sponsors a Special Concert directed by Riccardo Muti at La Scala

Mapei, Founding Member of the Teatro alla Scala Opera House, is acting as Partner for the Special Concert on 22nd January 2020 featuring Riccardo Muti conducting the Chicago Symphony Orchestra during their European tour

January 22, 2020

Mapei renews their close bond with the world of great Music in support of the Special Concert featuring Riccardo Muti at the La Scala Opera House as he conducts the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

The concert is being held on Wednesday 22nd January, 2020 and features the celebrated overture from Wagner’s The Flying Dutchman, Hindemith’s cherished Symphony Mathis der Maler and Prokofiev’s brilliant Symphony No. 3.

On a previous occasion, to celebrate the company’s 80th anniversary, in 2017 Mapei sponsored a highly-acclaimed, triumphal concert directed by Riccardo Muti to mark his return to Milan’s La Scala Opera House.

The close bond between Mapei and La Scala is a result of the firm belief of Mapei’s founder, Rodolfo Squinzi, that Work can never be separated from the arts and passion”, a belief inherited by his son, Giorgio, and firmly embedded in the company’s DNA.

Mapei’s support for La Scala dates back to 1984 when, for the first time, the company became a “Supporting Member”, which was then consolidated over the years by contributing to various initiatives, including several special concerts and other charity concerts to raise funds for research.

Between 2002 and 2004 this collaboration became even stronger when Mapei took part in renovation and restoration work on La Scala, for which they supplied the expertise of engineers from the Research & Development laboratories to analyse and diagnose materials and identify the most appropriate forms of intervention, the experience and know-how of the Technical Services Department during the actual work to help choose the best solutions and technical support on site to ensure the Mapei products employed were used and applied correctly.

In 2008 Mapei became a Permanent Founding Member of La Scala to support their artistic programmes and, from 2016 to 2019, as further demonstration of the company’s active participation in the Theatre’s activities, President Giorgio Squinzi was a member of the Board of Directors.

Recently, in 2018, to mark the 240th anniversary of the founding of La Scala, Mapei sponsored the exhibition “La Magnifica Fabbrica”, which told the history of the Theatre’s architecture, from its initial construction according to a design by the architect Giuseppe Piermarini, to the renovation work by the architect Mario Botta, right up to the forthcoming construction of Palazzina Scala, overlooking Via Verdi.

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