Mapei: Partner for the exhibition "Ulysses. Art and Myth"

Mapei strengthens its bond with the world of culture by sponsoring an exhibition at the San Domenico Museum dedicated to the mythological figure of Ulysses over the centuries, organised by the Fondazione Cassa dei Risparmi of Forlì in collaboration with Forlì City Council

February 14, 2020
"The exhibition, originally programmed between February 15th and June 21st and temporary closed due to the health crisis, is now open from May 19th to October 31st."

Mapei is proud to be working once again alongside the Fondazione Cassa dei Risparmi di Forlì and Forlì City Council in sponsoring and acting as Partner for the new exhibition at the San Domenico Museum,Ulysses. Art and Myth”, which is being held from 15th February to 21st June 2020.

The exhibition is divided into 16 different sections and recounts the relationship between the art and myth of the figure of Ulysses, the heroic symbol of knowledge and a metaphor of mankind’s very own existence, and features a display of numerous masterpieces, from the most ancient archaeological artefacts to contemporary and futuristic installations.

Part of the proceeds from the exhibition will help finance and support the Mediafriends Onlus initiative Casa Betania, a project backed by the Fondazione Buon pastore Caritas of Forlì, which is aiming to renovate an ancient church and turn it into a drop-in and welcome centre for youngsters who are less fortunate or unable to live independently; with the right kind of support, education and training the centre is aiming to help these youngsters turn their lives around and become active members of the local community again.

The exhibition and charity initiative will be promoted by the national TV network Mediaset, which will be transmitting 30 weekly feature spots for the entire duration of the exhibition.

Mapei is also acting as Partner for Sky Arte Special, a feature documentary of the exhibition, which will be aired Friday 22nd May at 7:30pm, on Sky Channels 120 and 400.
The Sky Arte Special will be streamed live on their website at the same time.
This collaboration further consolidates Mapei’s commitment to cultural initiatives aimed at raising money for charity.

Mapei has already sponsored several other exhibitions over the years at the San Domenico Museum: “The nineteenth century. Italian art from Hayez to Segantini” in 2019, “Eternity and Time between Michelangelo and Caravaggio” in 2018, “Art Déco: the golden years in Italy” in 2017, and “Piero della Francesca. Investigation of a myth” in 2016.

For many years Mapei has been sponsoring evening concerts to collect funds for scientific research, such as the Milan Committee of the Italian Red Cross and the Veronesi Foundation.

Other cultural charity initiatives sponsored by Mapei are Celebrity Fight Night Italia by Andrea Bocelli to raise funds for projects run by the Andrea Bocelli Foundation and the No’hma Theatre, which puts on shows featuring cultural themes and issues of general social interest.

What is more, Mapei’s commitment to cultural and social initiatives can also be seen through its donations of Mapei products and support from Technical Services for renovation and construction work and for the refurbishment of existing buildings, such as the one for the Theatre based inside the C. Beccaria young offenders’ institute in Milan.

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