Mapei's new approach to communications with VMLY&R

Quality, experience and sustainability: the core values of the new Mapei campaign

May 18, 2020

Mapei, a leading global manufacturer of chemical products for the building industry, has chosen VMLY&R as partner for their upcoming communications campaigns.

For this initial and delicate phase, Mapei has decided to launch a social media campaign to send out a message of solidarity to local communities, sector professionals and buyers. The key figures of the campaign are the people who have undertaken a commitment to rebuild Italy, our home: and Mapei is alongside them every step of the way with their solutions, systems and support services, synonymous with excellence, reliability and durability.

The campaign will then continue through other operations aimed at bringing the brand closer to clients and end users, focusing on values such as quality, experience and sustainability, which characterise every solution and product offered by the company.

Because the secret of Mapei is precisely this: to apply to each and every project the same level of commitment and the same level of passion, from small to large-scale domestic building work to the largest and most prestigious sites around the world.

The campaign will be structured around various themes and planned in such a way that it has an impact on different touchpoints.

“Mapei has the merit of setting new standards in the building industry on a daily basis and of making an important contribution to improving people’s quality of life by creating increasingly sustainable, safe and durable chemical products,” declared Stefano Ranghieri, Mapei Marketing Director. “The aim of the communications campaign, which has been split into different steps, is to highlight these values and instil them in the minds of our clients, values which, over the years, have enabled Mapei to consolidate their position as a market leader.”

“To win a new client is always good news”, added Francesco Poletti, VMLY&R ECD. “But to win a new client that is 100% Italian, and a symbol of excellence around the world, particularly in such a difficult time as the one we are facing, is not only good news: it is something to be particularly proud of. For us this is the start of a new adventure and we are confident of constructing something important together.”


Agency: VMLY&R Italy
Executive Creative Director: Francesco Poletti
Deputy Creative Directors: Francesco Sgritta and Davide Labò
Junior Art Director: Giulio Sardelli
Junior Copywriter: Carlota Vazquez

Client Lead: Veronica Pagani
Strategist: Erica Mussini

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