Mapei is taking part in the Online Convention being organised by Bocconi University's Green Economy Observatory

June 3, 2020

Bocconi University's Green Economy Observatory is organising a convention entitled "The Green Deal in the age of Covid-19" on Friday 5th June 2020 to assess the impact the current health crisis is having on our future prospects and on the Green Deal launched by the European Commission chaired by Ursula von del Lien to make Europe's economy more sustainable and tackle climate change with a view to turning a crisis into an opportunity to adopt a new model of sustainable growth.

Mapei, which has been a supporter of the GEO for years, will be taking part in the convention through a talk being given by Mikaela Decio, the Director of Corporate Environmental Sustainability, as part of a roundtable on management being organised in partnership with IdM - Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa, entitled "Recovering after COVID-19: a chance for businesses to focus more Intently on converting to sustainable and circular business models".


Mapei, which has always been interested in Sustainability, has acquired tools and expertise for measuring the environmental impact of its products throughout their entire life cycle. This experiment has made it possible to set up a department within the organisation responsible for assessing the lifecycle of its products (Life Cycle Assessment) and issuing environmental product declarations (EPDs) for the entire Group


Mikaela Decio told us: "For a long time now, sustainability and the circular economy have been key drivers in the company. Assessing the life-cycle of products, which are then certified and promoted through EPDs is a commitment to transparency we are making to our stakeholders and also a pledge to reduce the environmental impact caused by the products themselves.


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