Sanitize hands and surfaces with Mapesept Gel and Mapesept Liquid

These two 65% hydroalcoholic-based solutions are recommended for cleaning and sanitizing hands and small surfaces in compliance with the guidelines of the Italian Ministry for Health

June 8, 2020

Mapei has always been committed to safeguarding the health and safety of people and of those who work in the building industry and has now added MAPESEPT GEL and MAPESEPT LIQUID to their product portfolio: two solutions for cleaning and removing all potentially harmful substances from hands and surfaces both quickly and effectively.

These two sanitizing products have been developed to meet the growing market demand for cleaning and sanitizing products following the outbreak and epidemic of Covid-19.

Both products may be used whenever you need to sanitize hands and surfaces without the need to rinse them afterwards: both at home and outside the home, when working on building sites, at work, etc., in compliance with the guidelines of the Italian Ministry for Health.

MAPESEPT LIQUID is also recommended for use in domestic and professional settings for cleaning small surfaces resistant to alcohol, such as ceramic kitchen countertops, tables, ceramic floors, deskstop, etc.

Thanks to their special formula and emollient properties, MAPESEPT GEL & MAPESEPT LIQUID sanitize the skin of the hands and prevent it cracking.

They are made from more than 65% of ethyl alcohol, oxygenated water, glycerine and lemon fragrance according to a formula recommended by the WHO. No water is required and there is no need to rinse off after use.

Both products are available from leading builders' merchants.
MAPESEPT GEL is available in boxes of 6 x 1000 ml plastic bottles with a screw-cap and 6 practical nozzles while MAPESEPT LIQUID is available in 5 litre plastic containers.



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