Production will not be interrupted at Mapei

To help Italy recover, the Mapei Group has decided not to interrupt its production operations in August so it can keep on supplying its products to retailers. The company can also confirm that its experts will also be available to provide consultancy and on-site support.

July 2, 2020

In accordance with its strategies so far, the Mapei Group is committed to providing its customers with all the support they need, and it would hereby like to inform everybody that production will carry on uninterrupted throughout the whole of August at its manufacturing plants, so it can supply retailers and building warehouses. Mapei’s experts and technicians will also be providing their support and consultancy to help stimulate economic recovery and resume suspended building operations.


“We had no hesitation in making this decision so we can help Italy recover and support the building industry in particular - so Veronica and Marco Squinzi commented, the Managing Directors of the Mapei Group -. So far we have been fully committed to supporting all action taken to handle the emergency and we would now like to reassure our clients that we will be providing a service of the highest quality and supplying all the tools required by businesses that have decided to keep open as usual in August.”


The Mapei Group’s Italian subsidiaries, Adesital, Cercol, Mosaico +, Polyglass, Vaga, are also part of this project to ensure regular supplies of Mapei materials and products.

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