Mapei Argentina is the Main Sponsor of Lanús Football Team from Buenos Aires

The Mapei Group is strengthening its bonds with sport and football in Argentina

November 4, 2020

The Mapei Group has decided to sponsor Club Atlético Lanús through its subsidiary Mapei Argentina. Club Atlético Lanús is a football team from the district of Lanús in Buenos Aires that plays in the Primera División, the top division in the Argentinian League.

Founded in 1915, Lanús Football Club is famous in the world of football for all its domestic and international successes thanks to the hard work, professionalism and sense of responsibility that are the club’s hallmark.
Thanks to all the competitions it has won, it is one of the most respected teams in Argentina: it has won the Primera División Tournament twice (the Apertura Tournament in 2007 and the Transición Tournament in 2016); two National Cups (the Bicentenary Cup in 2016 against Raising Club and the Argentinian Super Cup in 2017 against River plate); two international tournaments (Copa Conmebol in 1996 and Copa Sudamericana in 2013); and it was also runner-up in the Copa Libertadores de América in 2017.


“Sponsoring the Lanús team is the Mapei Group’s latest project in the world of sport. It is a way of promoting Mapei through the values of football, part of Argentina’s cultural identity, and further evidence of Mapei’s desire to reinforce its presence on this market” so Veronica Squinzi noted, Mapei’s Corporate CEO.

Marco Squinzi, Mapei’s Corporate CEO, added: “The club’s work in the region and its commitment to the local community are reminiscent of Sassuolo Football Club. Both are committed to hard work, growth and results, which mirror Mapei’s business philosophy and strategy focused on the quest for excellence”.

Gabriel Ros, General Manager of Mapei Argentina, stated that: “We are delighted about this sponsorship deal; Lanús Football Club is one of the leading Argentinian teams and has a great footballing tradition based around authoritativeness, strong values and goals. We are convinced that this project will help promote Mapei’s reputation in Argentina and reinforce its operations on the building materials market”.


Mapei has been operating in Argentina since the end of the 1990s, first through a marketing company for distributing its products on the local market and then through the establishing of Mapei Argentina SA to manufacture and launch new products and technology.
Over the last 20 years Mapei Argentina has increased its manufacturing output by 20% by opening a world-class laboratory, boosting its training operations, and organising numerous communications projects.
Mapei Argentina can now boast over 850 clients, some beyond the nation’s borders (Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia).


Thanks to this sponsorship deal, the Mapei Group will strengthen its ties with the world of sport and promote those distinctive values that have always been part of the company’s DNA: hard graft, consistent teamwork, and the determination to take on new challenges.

The Mapei Group has always been engaged in sport; in the wake of sponsorship deals organised by the holding company, Mapei S.p.A. in cycling (first through a team that was at the very top of international competition and then by sponsoring the UCI Road World Championships) and its sponsorship of Sassuolo Football Club, the Mapei Group’s subsidiaries are committed to conveying the distinctive values of sport by contributing to national and international sports events.


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