Presentation of The Mapei Group’s 2019 Sustainability Report

The Mapei Group presented the facts and figures for the sustainability operations of its Italian subsidiaries during a webinar entitled “Sustainability and Circular Vision”

November 17, 2020

Mapei is publishing its fourth Sustainability Report regarding operations carried out by companies belonging to the Group in Italy in 2019. It is also renewing its commitment to sustainability and promoting the goals set on the UN Agenda 2030.

The report, drawn up just like previous editions in accordance with GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) Sustainability Reporting Standards, covers operations carried out by the holding company Mapei S.p.A. and its subsidiaries Adesital S.p.A., Cercol S.p.A., Mosaico+ S.r.l., Polyglass S.p.A., Vaga S.r.l. and Vinavil S.p.A. This report also includes a company called Fili & Forme S.r.l., which was taken over in April 2018 and merged into Mapei in May 2020.


“Sustainability has always been a key aspect of Mapei’s manufacturing and business system. Ever since the very beginning, the company has always paid careful attention to both the environment and society. Over time Mapei has gradually focused more on its sustainability strategy, which has now been incorporated into its other three traditional guidelines for growth: Specialisation, Research & Development, Internationalisation. Business operations are managed so that social, environmental, and economic values are interrelated to each other. Indeed, we believe it takes more than economic success to grow, a business must also be socially responsible towards its own people and the communities it belongs to”, this is what Veronica Squinzi, Mapei’s CEO, had to say when presenting the Group’s 2019 Sustainability Report

The report shows significant progress has been made compared to previous years: in 2019 stakeholders received the equivalent to €836.5 million corresponding to a rise in generated economic value of +11% between 2017-2019; €39.8 million were invested in Research & Development (+4% compared to 2017); 97% of staff are now hired on full-time contracts; 82% of everything purchased comes from local suppliers; and 12,557 tons of CO2 are offset by purchasing credit for expanding the Delhi underground railway.

Mapei also received two important commendations during the year: Prize for Sustainable Growth and Prize for the Best Corporate Experiences.


“Sustainability is a vital driver behind the Mapei Group’s growth. It takes the form of ongoing research to provide long-lasting high-quality products, while reducing impact on people’s health and safety (i.e. suppliers and end users) and on the environment. A manufacturing system capable of constantly reducing environmental impact, while focusing on people (and, hence, their training and well-being), and on community and local projects, thanks to donations, sponsorship deals and our know-how”, so Marco Squinzi commented, Mapei’s CEO.

The Report provides an overview of Mapei Group operations in:

  • Research & Development, the real driver behind Mapei’s growth worldwide. R&D operations include intensive work into developing new products, cooperation with research institutes and universities, studying and improving environmental impact of products, and operations in the field of the circular economy. As regards the latter, Mapei was awarded the “Prize for Sustainable Growth” promoted by the Foundation for Sustainable Growth and Ecomondo in partnership with the Circular Economy Network.
  • Production operations covering everything from the supply of materials (for which Mapei mainly uses local suppliers in the vicinity of its production plants) and the monitoring of polluting emissions to energy/water consumption and waste disposal; 53.9% of material was sent for recycling in 2019.
  • The development and growth of Mapei staff. Operations focused on welfare and safety include the setting up of the so-called “Ethical Times Bank” and “Flexible Benefits” platform, which helped the company win the Italian Chemical Federation Prize for “Best Corporate Experiences 2019” awarded during the National Safety Health and Environment Day (SHE). Mapei is also involved in inclusion and diversity programs (Inclusive Mindset and Diversity Day, when it also received the “Diversity and Inclusion Award” for the third year in a row). Last but not least, intensive training is provided in the form of both classroom teaching and e-learning.
  • Focus on the surrounding territory and community. A business has its own definite place in society and as such it has the pleasure and duty of contributing to its growth and success. In this respect, the Mapei Group supports the communities and regions in which it works in the form of numerous projects based around such key considerations as tradition and excellence, passion for sport, a desire to stand out, the love of culture, and interest in other people. €32 million was spent on projects in the realms of sport, culture, and solidarity in 2019.



The Sustainability Report was officially presented during the Sustainability and Circular Vision webinar held at 14:30 on 17th November.

Talks were given by: Veronica Squinzi, Mapei’s CEO, Stefano Ranghieri, Mapei’s Director of Marketing & Communication, Fabio Iraldo, Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa and GEO coordinator, Vincenzo Mauro, Assolombarda’s Territorial-Environmental Department, and Mikaela Decio, Mapei’s Director of Environmental Sustainability.


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