Mapei is Partner of Green Pea, the world’s first Green Retail Park

December 4, 2020

The first Green Retail Park in the world will open at the Lingotto in Turin on 9th December: Green Pea, Oscar Farinetti’s new business project focused on selling sustainable products in full respect of Earth, Air, Water and People to promote a new and responsible means of consumerism that is eco-friendly.


Mapei shares Green Pea’s mission to encourage everybody to change behaviour, both businesses and individuals, to create a more sustainable and fairer future that respects nature and environmental resources.


Mapei is a Partner in the project with its building solutions designed to reduce energy consumption, manufactured locally by plants adopting certified management systems, safe for both installers and end users, guaranteed to conform to the most stringent official standards, and in accordance with the specifications set down in the “Manifesto of Green Pea values”.

Another important contribution to eco-sustainability comes from developing durable products with better mechanical properties, whose extended life-cycle obviously reduces waste and the amount of materials and energy used for reconstruction purposes.


Mapei’s special corner will be located on the floor devoted to the home, living and design, showcasing the following product lines:


  • Screeds, smoothing compounds, primers, adhesion promoters, consolidating products and waterproofers;
  • Soundproofing products;
  • Adhesives and grouts for ceramics, stone, porphyry and hand cut slabs;
  • Elastic adhesives and sealants;
  • Adhesives and products for installing wooden, resilient, textile and sports coverings;
  • Products for resin and cement cementitious floors;
  • Products for repairing asphalt paving and carrying out street maintenance work;
  • Products for repairing concrete and masonry;
  • Mortars for rendering, repairing, smoothing and protecting concrete surfaces and renders;
  • Products for anchoring, structural bonding, repairing screeds and injecting cracked concrete;
  • Composite systems for structural strengthening;
  • Products for exterior thermal insulation and wall protective and decorative coatings;
  • Waterproofing systems;
  • Admixtures for concrete.

Project: ACC Cristiana Catino e Negozio Blu Architetti
Photo: Fabio Oggero

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