Mapei working with “Generazione S” to promote the values of sport among young people

May 20, 2021

Milan, 20th May 2021 - Mapei is supporting “Generazione S”, U.S. Sassuolo Calcio’s social responsibility project aimed at helping young athletes to develop from both a personal and sporting viewpoint that was presented at Mapei Football Center today.

The project is part of a schedule of events celebrating the club’s centenary and is focused on conveying the positive values of football and sport in general, values Sassuolo Football Club has always endorsed.

Based on three assets (Education, Academy and Experience), “Generation S” is aimed at sports clubs for young men and women right across Italy and includes free activities, events and training programs that also cate for people with disabilities.

Mapei, which has always promoted sport as a means of educating young people and helping the community and entire nation to grow socially, is backing Sassuolo Football Club in this stimulating education project that shares the basic principles Mapei has in its DNA: passion, hard work, talent, teamwork, enthusiasm, determination and perseverance in taking on new challenges.

Veronica Squinzi, CEO of Mapei and Vice President of U.S. Sassuolo Calcio, had this to say: “Generazione S is a wonderfully innovative project for promoting the ethical and educational principles of sport among young people. A great social responsibility project open to everybody in the spirit of sharing and inclusion, which Mapei immediately decided to lend its full support. We believe football is a means of promoting such values as fairness, responsibility and equality among boys and girls: an efficient means of educating them, bringing out their skills and talents and nourishing their dreams. As Mapei has grown, it has also been inspired by passion, hard work, talent, teamwork, enthusiasm, determination and perseverance in taking on new challenges, values that have always been in its DNA. Our support for the world of sport also comes from a desire to help the community and entire country to develop socially”.

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