Viale Jenner is greener thanks to the Mapei flowerbed

A new little corner of greenery has been opened near Mapei’s headquarters as part of the “Caring for and adopting Public Greenery” project

June 10, 2021

Milan, 10th June 2021 - thanks to Mapei’s work on a project designed by the landscape architect Franco Giorgetta, the road island near the headquarters of the Milan-based multinational in Viale Jenner (right next to Piazzale Maciachini) has been converted into a little landscaped space with its own spurting fountain.

The project is part of Milan City Council’s project entitled “Caring for and adopting Public Greenery”, a joint venture between the public and private sectors to keep Milan looking beautiful and green.

“We are extremely proud of having completed this redevelopment project, which we would like to dedicate to our very own Giorgio and Adriana Squinzi, since it is something they were extremely committed to - so Veronica Squinzi commented, Mapei’s CEO -. From them we learnt that business must play an active part in the community. We have very close ties with Milan, the city where the company was founded and gradually expanded. Contributing to maintaining and embellishing the city is, for us, a small but significant means of sharing and participating. We would like to thank the council for giving us the opportunity to do so through this wonderful project of social responsibility”.

“We would like to thank the Squinzi family for proposing this project to regenerate a section of Viale Jenner used by so many Milanese people every day - so the Councilor for Urban Planning and Green, Pierfrancesco Maran, announced - By removing the aqueduct system we wanted to improve the appearance and environmental quality of this little area, and the project being opened today fully meets this requirement, showing once again that a synergy between the public and private sectors is fundamental for looking after the city”.

Working on an architectural project designed by the landscape architect Franco Giorgetta and actually constructed by the building contractor Peverellli, an approximately 700 m² space, for years taken up by plant-engineering and car parks, is now a pleasant area of greenery embellished by plants that adapts perfectly to an area under the shadow of sycamore trees. The project features a geometric design formed out of a series of triangular and trapezoidal figures of different colours created using different, contrasting coloured grasses and lawns.

Long-stemmed grasses, such as Pennisetum alopecuroides and Miscanthus sinensis, have been planted along the edges in the spaces between the old sycamore trees, while a row of Festuca glauca now stands at the end.

A gushing fountain, set on a triangular platform constructed using the Mapei Color Paving architectural concrete system for pavements, and some strikingly coloured magnolia flowers complete the overall picture.

“It was a challenge, but we have managed to make this car park blossom - so the landscape architect Franco Giorgetta noted -. Let’s hope that the constantly spouting water, the colours of the flowers and the soft motion of the long pieces of grass can really catch the eye and give passers-by something to smile about”.


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