Assorestauro: Stefano Donato, Mapei Restoration Line Specialist, has been appointed to the Board Of Directors

He will help promote the Association’s operations in Italy and abroad

July 5, 2021

Milan, 5th July 2021 - During Assorestauro’s annual assembly, the Italian association bringing together leading players in the conservation and restoration industry, Stefano Donato, Restoration Line Specialist for Mapei’s range of Products for masonry restoration, was appointed a member of the Board of Directors for 2021-2023.

A graduate in Building Engineering from Milan Polytechnic, he gained several years’ experience in the industry covering various roles in the field of design, working for companies and also specialising in the manufacture of building materials. In Mapei since 2015, he represents the company at Assorestauro, carefully following and monitoring various national and international projects.

“I would like to thank Assorestauro for its faith in me and for giving me the chance to help this leading association continue to grow. Assorestauro plays an extremely important role in promoting the conservation sector in general both in Italy and abroad. I will work hard to help maintain the Association’s position as a benchmark for institutions, ministries and organisations responsible for protecting our Cultural Heritage and Economic Growth”, so Stefano Donato stated during the assembly.

Mapei has been actively engaged in plenty of the Association’s enterprises, both nationally and internationally. Abroad, Mapei has joined forces with Assorestauro to work with the ICE (an agency for promoting Italian businesses abroad and helping them internationalise) and the MISE (Ministry of Economic Development) making its diagnostic-technical expertise available for such important enterprises as the REDI Project in Cuba (for creating a Training Centre for Renovation and Design) and the renovation of Sheik Suleyman Mescide Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey. It has also taken part in various international Restoration-Renovation Fairs, like those held in Istanbul and Moscow, and Isfahan Workshop in Iran.

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