Mapei’s new offices in Rome

Equipped with an auditorium, testing room and showroom, it will be the area's main facility for training, technical assistance and business operations.

May 30, 2022

Mapei, a leading Italian company in the field of chemical products for the building industry, is boosting its operations in the capital by moving its business offices to a completely renovated space at EUR, which will be the company's training centre and main facility serving the entire area.

The new headquarters designed by Onsitestudio will offer visitors an immersive and participatory journey into the world of Mapei building products: from residential and major infrastructural works to renovation operations and contemporary architectural structures.

The journey begins with the history of the company and continues with an overview of its numerous product lines in a showroom divided into theme areas showcasing iconic references characterising the company’s over eighty-five-year history such as the Guggenheim Museum in New York to Isozaki Tower in Milan.

The focal point of the building is the training centre, unique in its kind, which includes a seminar room with seating for over 50 and a space used for hold course on Mapei products. A perfect combination of spaces offering a total experience: find out about the cutting-edge technologies developed in the Mapei Research Laboratories directly from the experts and experience first-hand how to use them to make your work easier and more efficient so you can meet your customers' needs. Free training for designers, installers, retailers and companies from Mapei technical assistants/experts held at Mapei Academy.

The facilities are completed by the  business and Technical Services Department offices, the backbone of the company's operating strategy whose task is to guide and support clients with any problems that may arise during building work. The communal areas also celebrate the company's numerous successes in the world of sport from cycling to football, with an exhibition of team jerseys/kits and historic photographs.

This is how Mapei is boosting its operations in Lazio, where it also has a production plant in Latina employing 140 staff that is focused on powder products and the colouring of water paints using a colour-matching system. An environmental sustainability project is currently underway at the plant to reduce energy consumption by revamping the utilities, along with a project to extend the covered area to improve customer service and warehouse availability.

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