Performance, colour and living comfort: new water-based paints by Mapei

Amongst the showcased products are two new specialised finishes and a matt version of enamel wall paint

September 26, 2022

Milan, 26th September 2022 – The interior finishes line by Mapei has been completely reviewed with the introduction of eight products – including two new specialised water-based paints – with brand new formats using containers made from recycled plastic certified by independent bodies.

From the Mapei Research and Development Laboratories come DURSILITE IGEA, ideal for damp environments such as bathrooms and kitchens, and DURSILITE GYPSOS, suitable for plasterboard walls. The enamel wall paint MAPECOAT ACT with easy stain removal properties also features a new matt version to join the current satin finish version.

Mapei water-based paints offer high performance, durability and an attractive finish and, thanks to the ColorMap colouring system, they can be created in any shade you like. Their cutting-edge formulation has very low emission of VOC and ensures excellent living comfort thanks to the values obtained for indoor air quality, guaranteeing ecology classification rating A+.

For Mapei, people’s health has always been a top priority, along with the health of the planet. Our commitment to make a concrete contribution towards a circular economy characterises every decision we make, from using recycled plastic (certified as Plastic Second Life) for the new packaging to the introduction of new formats.

Mapei water-based paints, formulated with synthetic resins in water dispersion and selected fillers, are available in 14 litre, 4 litre and 1 litre containers, created specifically to meet the needs of clients and perfect for carrying out colour-match tests. Each bucket indicates its yield in square metres to help clients choose the ideal size for every painting need.

DURSILITE BASE COAT: basecoat with good hiding properties and a smooth finish made from modified acrylic resins in water dispersion and selected fillers. Pigmented and colour-matched to suit individual needs, it is ideal for irregular substrates. It has excellent hiding properties to ensure an even finish. It also acts as a bonding promoter to obtain a perfect bond between undercoat and finish.

DURSILITE: washable wall paint with good hiding properties. Gives substrates an attractive finish with a smooth, velvety, matt finish with low dirt retention capacity and high whiteness level. Suitable for protecting and decorating all types of setting, particularly colour-match projects featuring bold patterns in any shade or intensity.

DURSILITE IGEA: breathable wall paint resistant to mould, ideal for bathrooms and kitchens and environments where condensation forms. Thanks to its sanitising properties it helps create healthy surroundings.

DURSILITE GYPSOS: wall paint with good hiding properties, easy to wash and resistant to mould. Gives substrates an attractive finish with a smooth, velvety and highly matt finish with excellent whiteness level. Recommended for the surface of plasterboard or modern construction systems for its high masking capacity to minimise defects.

DURSILITE MASTER: breathable wall paint with good hiding properties, ideal for large surface areas. Gives substrates an attractive finish with a smooth, matt finish and good whiteness level.

DURSILITE MATT: easy to wash wall paint with good hiding properties, ideal for finishes with an extra matt effect. Perfect for protecting and decorating all types of environments, particularly those where an extra matt finish is required.

MAPECOAT ACT SATIN and MATT: acrylic-based enamel paints for internal walls containing special protective, wide spectrum biological agents that contrast the deposit and proliferation of mould, viruses and bacteria on surfaces. Recommended for protecting and decorating all those environments where a high level of hygiene and extended resistance to cleaning operations are required, such as healthcare environments and rooms where the HACCP protocol is implemented.
The SATIN version gives substrates a smooth, satin finish while the MATT version gives a matt finish. Stand out particularly for their excellent resistance to cleaning cycles and very low dirt pick-up, which make surfaces that much easier to clean.

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