Mapestone GR-ECO: the alternative solution for architectural paving

Made from natural fibres from apple waste to help create paving in harmony with the planet


September 27, 2022

Mapestone, the family of mortars and grouts for architectural stone paving, is now even more green and eco-sustainable. Thanks to the commitment and effort of Mapei’s Research & Development laboratories and the Sustainability Department, a special mortar for architectural paving with filtering and self-regenerating properties has been developed: Mapestone GR-ECO.

With zero cement and natural hydraulic lime content, the new member of the family is formulated with natural fibres from apple waste and mineral aggregates. Thanks to its special formulation, architectural paving with high performance properties and a lower impact on the environment can now be created. It is compatible with any type of stone, porcelain tiles and self-locking cementitious paving blocks and may be used to create pedestrian zones, driveways, paths, parks and gardens in harmony with the landscape.

Mapestone GR-ECO enables paving with filtering properties to be created where water permeates through the grouts. It also has self-generating properties: the fibres in the mortar hold the water and then release it in the form of vapour, guaranteeing easy repairs and a long service life.

The absence of cement and lime helps reduce CO2 emissions by 95% compared with traditional grouts. This leads to the product’s footprint being much lower throughout its entire life cycle.

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