Mapei Marine is taking part at METSTRADE 2022

The international trade show aimed at experts from the marine sector is back in Amsterdam from 15th to 17th November

November 11, 2022

Mapei Marine is again taking part at the annual METSTRADE international trade show, the global event for experts from the marine sector being held in Amsterdam from 15th to 17th November.

 On stand 11.210 in Hall 11, visitors will be able to get a close-up look at product lines and solutions with such beautifully aesthetic finishes dedicated to the high-end marine sector.

 Thanks to intense research work carried out in the Mapei laboratories, Mapei Marine has managed to combine beauty and functionality to propose innovative solutions with cutting-edge technology. And here are the solutions on display at Metstrade:

 MAPEDECK TERRAZZO a system to recreate the look of Venetian terrazzo flooring, in such high demand to embellish internal settings. Applied over a special resin sublayer by Mapei to level off the installation surface, it has excellent resistance to wear and is easy to clean using products from the Mapei Ultracare line.

MAPEDECK MIRUM is used to create highly attractive finishes with high mechanical properties and high resistance to chemicals on internal and external horizontal and vertical surfaces on ships and yachts. And it also comes in an infinite array of textured finishes: from strictly minimalist to the most extreme materic effect, recreating materials of the highest quality. Mapedeck Mirum is a two-component, aliphatic polyurethane resin-based formulate according to a formula developed in the Mapei R&D laboratories.

 MAPEDECK MONODESIGN is ideal for creating decorative coatings with a materic effect finish on internal floors and walls. Extremely versatile, very easy to apply and non-yellowing, it has excellent resistance to abrasion which means it is also suitable for use on floors exposed to intense levels of foot traffic. It is available in an extensive range of colours and may be further enhanced by applying one of the Mapei finishes to create aesthetic effects of the highest quality.

 MAPEDECK TEAK DESIGN is a coloured, seamless final coating for internal and external decks on ships. It may even be used as a replacement for wood in areas where it would be impossible to be applied and provides safety and high performance properties, as well as a beautifully refined finish. Mapedeck Teak Design is a two-component, aliphatic polyurethane resin-based formulate according to a formula developed in the Mapei R&D laboratories and has been specifically created to recreate the characteristic textures and shades of teak.

 MAPEDECK TEAK EVOLUTION is an exclusive decorative system developed in the Mapei R&D laboratories, in which the technology of aliphatic polyurethane resins takes on the uniqueness of teak to recreate its characteristic shades and depth. With Mapedeck Teak Evolution, resin evolves into to become an essence of the highest quality, providing the response that was missing to the increasingly demanding requirements in terms of aesthetics and design.

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