Mapei at MADE Expo 2021: the best solutions for a sustainable building industry

Mapei presents its complete portfolio: a combination of aesthetics, reliability and sustainability 

November 17, 2021

Mapei is taking part at the 2021 edition of MADE Expo to be held in Milan from 22nd to 25th November, an important appointment in this climate of recovery the sector has been enjoying over the last few months. At MADE Expo, Mapei is at stand B01-F09 – in pavilion 2 – to present its complete portfolio of products for the building industry designed and developed to meet the needs of all professionals from the sector. And in the same pavilion (stand M18 N17), Mapei is also be exhibiting its line of admixtures for concrete.

Thanks to the experience gained over eighty five years of operating in this sector and to the commitment of the Research&Development division, Mapei is exhibiting the best solutions for sustainable building, all accompanied by its very own P.A.S.S. featuring a summary of its environmental and sustainability profile to show how each Mapei product contributes to environmental sustainability. Products that offer certified quality, excellent performance properties, reliability and durability, to create solutions that combine aesthetics and functionality. The company also guarantees that constant and complete support is provided to professionals, helping them choose the most suitable technical solutions for the Bonus Casa initiative.

A complete line of solutions

What makes Mapei so special is its ability to provide solutions for every aspect of the building industry: from foundations to rooftops, from the residential sector to the commercial and industrial sectors, right up to infrastructures, sports facilities and street furniture. Which is why the stand for the 2021 edition of MADE has been designed to take visitors on a journey through the solutions available for every type of construction requirement.

The Mapei range covers every aspect of the spaces we live in. There are numerous solutions to make interior spaces more beautiful by following the latest design trends: from decorative wall coatings for the bathroom to creative and functional resin flooring, perfect for any sitting room. There are also innovative solutions for structural applications, including products for structural strengthening work on walls to counteract the effects of seismic activity and to strengthen floors.

For the external part of buildings, apart from cutting-edge technologies for waterproofing roofs and balconies, Mapei is also proposing solutions for renovating façades and coating external thermal insulation that guarantee the durability and quality of the work, for an increasingly sustainable building industry.

But Mapei innovation also extends to urban spaces, such as piazzas, old town centres, areas dedicated to sport and parks, thanks to the solutions available for architectonic paving and coating products for sports surfaces and playgrounds.

What’s new at MADE Expo

Sustainability is at the very heart of the principal new products Mapei is showcasing at MADE, a demonstration, once again, of how it is pioneer in its sector.

Two of them are for external thermal insulation. The first, known as “insulation on insulation”, is a solution which, thanks to MAPETHERM X2, allows you to intervene on old buildings to provide them with a new cover directly over the previous one without having to take it down, so less waste is produced. The second one is a solution that combines structural strengthening and thermal insulation which allows overall work times to be reduced and gives maximum benefit from the interaction of the products.

While from the Mapei Research&Development laboratories comes MAPE-ANTIQUE NHL ECO RISANA, the new single-product, single-layer, natural hydraulic lime-based dehumidifier with no cement. Thanks to its high level of transpirability and high porosity it is ideal for renovating masonry buildings, including of historic and architectonic interest. A product containing pure natural hydraulic lime, it is characterised by a minimum content of recycled material in line with CAM (Criteri Ambientali Minimi – Minimum Environmental Criteria) requirements. It is also more environmentally sustainable because it does not contain or give off toxic substances and lime, unlike Portland cement, gives off a lower amount of CO2.

At MADE Expo Mapei will also be presenting the Cube System project, an integrated approach aimed at reducing CO2 emissions along the concrete production chain. Thanks to Cube System it is now possible to actively track, measure and modify the properties of concrete in real time through digital monitoring, guaranteeing that the concrete industry can meet pre-set environmental objectives while maintaining the performance properties of concrete at every level.

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