Ambrogio Beccaria and Mapei: a successful year in the open sea

A conversation full of points of interest to deepen Ambrogio’s relationship with Mapei in the company’s headquarters

May 17, 2023

A year ago, Mapei came on board the Alla Grande Pirelli project as Global Sponsor. Amidst technological challenges, transatlantic regattas and breath-taking match races, it got involved in Ambrogio Beccaria's ventures in its own distinctive style, getting the whole company involved with determination, enthusiasm and perseverance.

To celebrate the first year of sponsorship, Ambrogio told his own story in conversation with the author and radio presenter Matteo Caccia, Veronica Squinzi and Simona Giorgetta from Mapei, and Ermanno Rampinini from Mapei Sport Research Centre.

The speakers had plenty of anecdotes and interesting stories to tell about the Ocean, the great tenacity and passion that Ambrogio and Mapei put into everything they do, and all the research work and multi-sectoral support the ocean sailor has been given in everything from nutrition to training as part of his preparation.

In fact, knowing that sport means dedication and training, as well as research and discipline, Mapei provided Ambrogio with the help of Mapei Sport Research Centre. Ermanno Rampinini told us about the moment when the experts decided to get on board with him to carefully study the physical demands and type of movements involved in sailing so they could provide him with a personalised training plan.

Veronica Squinzi and Simona Giorgetta recalled the many sporting endeavours Mapei has undertaken over the last 85 years or so. Passion, hard work, commitment and teamwork are all ingrained in the company's DNA; traits that create unbreakable bonds between Mapei and the world of sport, ideals that Ambrogio personifies.

After his incredible success of the Route du Rhum, RORC 600 and Dèfi Atlantique, Ambrogio is getting ready for forthcoming regattas. At the beginning of June, he will be involved in the Normandy Channel Race (NCR) before embarking on the Rolex Fastnet Race in July.

New adventures are on the horizon and Mapei is ready to set sail with its favourite ocean mariner!

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