Mapei launches Mapeflex MS 55, the innovative hybrid adhesive and sealant

A multi-purpose product combining high performance and versatility of use
April 3, 2024
Mapei, leader in the production of chemical products for the building industry, presents the new Mapeflex MS 55, a hybrid adhesive and sealant with a high modulus of elasticity, ideal for everyday use in both professional and domestic contexts.

For bonding and sealing operations, Mapei offers different solutions to meet the most diverse needs of users. Mapeflex MS 55, adhesive and sealant, which can be used both in interior and exterior, represents the latest innovation of the Milanese company in the of hybrid technology products, which combine silicone and polyurethane systems to offer multiple benefits, including easy application and smoothing, the possibility of being used on damp or wet surfaces and a long service life. This versatile product is ideal for a wide range of consumers, as it can meet the needs of both professionals and non-professionals. 

As an adhesive, the main characteristics of Mapeflex MS 55 are its strong initial tack and final mechanical strength. As a sealant, on the other hand, it is perfect for filling joints, cracks and fissures, on floors or walls. In addition, it can be painted and is able to prevent the passage of air, water, heat, dust or noise. The technology behind Mapeflex MS 55 enables previously unthinkable performance, such as compatibility with drinking water and no risk of staining on absorbent surfaces such as stone and brick. Moreover, it is a product with a low environmental impact, thanks to its minimal emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC). 

"Mapeflex MS 55 is a hybrid adhesive and sealant that is perfect for everyday maintenance," states Fabio Guerrini, product manager of the elastic sealants and adhesives line. "This product makes it possible to bond the most common building materials and seal joints and cracks. It is Mapei's latest innovation in the field of hybrid products offering numerous advantages, such as ease of application, adhesion on damp or wet substrates, low environmental impact and high durability. A multi-purpose product to meet a wide range of needs, for both professional and non-professional users".

Mapeflex MS 55 is available, in white and grey, in 290 ml cartridges for application with the usual spray gun and in 100 ml tubes to be extruded simply with one hand. The latter pack is especially designed for users who, without renouncing great adhesive and elastic performance, wish to have a small pack for occasional use or for quick and easy use without tools. The product is already available from authorised Mapei distribution channels, including professional resellers and large specialised retailers.  

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