Superplasticiser based on modified acrylic polymer for ready mix concrete with low water/cement ratio and very long slump retention in hot climates.
Dynamon SR2 is a modified acrylic-based high performance admixture.
Dynamon SR2 is especially suitable for ready mix concrete industry and wherever a strong water reduction is required, combined with a very long slump retention in summertime and for every workability classes.
Dynamon SR2 is also particularly indicated for producing self-compacting concrete when an excellent workability maintenance is required.
Dynamon SR2, in combination with the viscosity modifying agent Viscofluid SCC, allows to produce self-compacting concrete without bleeding and segregation.
Add Dynamon SR2 directly to the mixture after all the other ingredients (cement, aggregates, water, other additions).
0.8-1.5 litres per 100 kg of cement for traditional concrete or on fine parts (0.1 mm diameter) for self compacting concrete.
200 l drums - 1000 l tanks. Also available in bulk on request.

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