High-strength, quick-setting pozzolan mortar with very low water absorption for grouting paved floors with joints from 5 to 30 mm wide subject to heavy loads and intense traffic.
In compliance with UNI 11714-1:2018 standard
Pot life of mix: 20 minutes.
Set to light foot traffic: 1 hour.
Ready for use: 3 days for light to medium traffic, 7 days for heavy traffic.
Colour: 113 cement grey.
Application: rubber MAPEI trowel or rake.
Cleaning: MAPEI sponge or Scotch Brite® pad (or single-head rotary polisher with Scotch Brite® type abrasive felt disk). As an alternative, hydro-cleaner once it has started to harden.
Storage: 12 months.
Consumption: according to the size of the joints and slabs.
Packaging: 25 kg bags.


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Color Palette

113 Cement Grey

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