High-performance mortar for anchoring and sealing.
Mapefill F is used for anchoring and sealing machinery, tie-rods, prefabricated metallic structures, turbines, machine tools, etc. in concrete. It is also suitable for filling rigid joints between concrete elements and underneath walls.
Mapfill F is made from high-strength cement, selected aggregates and special additives.
Mapefill F develops extremely high flexural and compressive strength, even after short curing times (24 hours), and is characterised by the high bond it forms on steel and concrete. The mix is prepared by blending a 25 kg bag of Mapefill F with the amount of water which corresponds to the consistency required: approximately 3.1 litres for a plastic consistency (for sealing) or 4.5 litres for a more fluid consistency (for anchoring).
In this case, the mortar formed may be applied by casting into the seating areas saturated with water, taking care to expel all air traps to avoid the formation of bubbles. When filling large volumes, we recommend adding Gravel 6-10.
Mapefill F complies with the minimum requirements of EN 1504-6 and also complies with the French Standard NF P 18-821:
– for sealing in all positions: class 12;
– anchoring: class 6.

1.8 kg/dm³ of cavities to be filled.

25 kg vacuum-sealed polyethylene bags.

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