High-performance, fibre-reinforced powdered stabilising agent for sports sub-base construction surfaces

MAPESOIL 100 is a hydraulicfibre-reinforced powdered stabilising agent used to treat and consolidate soil and recycled or raw aggregates.

MAPESOIL 100 is suitable for use with soil, recycled aggregates and raw aggregates (e.g. naturally graded soil), improving the mechanical characteristics of soil and allowing the thickness of the treated layer to be reduced compared with traditional systems (e.g. 8 cm on existing pitches and courts).

The product is easy to apply with normal agricultural equipment (stone buriers, tractors with a cultivator attachment, spreaders, etc.) and is easier to handle and more suitable for treatments required to prepare playing fields.


  • Improves the mechanical characteristics of existing sub-layers and soil
  • Reduces execution time to create sublayers
  • Reduces the amount of soil to be moved
  • Increases the durability of sublayers
  • Helps maintain the performance characteristics of pitches and courts

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