The quick, simple solution for refurbishing parquet.

The Ultracoat Line is a complete Mapei four-step system for refurbishing and hygienising parquet floors.

ULTRACOAT RENEW FL  primer for wood flooring is the best choice for refurbishment work; no sanding required and no need to remove the old finish, it also avoids creating dust and shortens the time required to complete work.

It is used when applying two-component varnish on existing parquet treated with UV-resistant or oil-based finish (except oily wax finishes), or with solvent-based or water-based varnish.

 Along with Ultracoat Remover Plus detergent for removing old wax and dirt, Ultracoat Cleaner hygienising detergent and Ultracoat HT 2K two-component, water-based, aliphatic, 100% polyurethane lacquer, tested according to ISO 22196, it gives a new lease of life to the surface of wood flooring and preserves the natural beauty of parquet floors. Apart from restoring the surface of floors, ULTRACOAT HT 2K forms a barrier against the proliferation of bacteria.


  • Quick, simple application
  • No sanding required
  • Practical: no dust created, shorter waiting times and lower overall cost of the work
  • Maintains the original appearance of parquet
  • Used in combination with ULTRACOAT HT 2K protects against bacteria and hygienises surfaces
  • Avoids having to sand, make bevelled edges and brush surfaces
  • Preserves the original characteristics of parquet
  • Complete system


Density: 101 g/l
Mixing ratio (A : B): 2.7 : 0.49
Viscosity of mix: 40 ± 1 sec. (Ford cup Ø 3)
Set to the touch: 60/80 min.
Overlaying: min.1 hour max. 6 hours

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