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100 White
103 Moon white
110 Manhattan 2000
111 Silver Grey
131 Vanilla
137 Caribbean
170 Crocus Blue
182 Tormaline
290 Cream
700 Translucent
710 Ice White
799 White
999 Transparent


112 Medium Grey
113 Cement Grey
114 Anthracite
115 River Grey
116 Musk Grey
119 London Grey
174 Tornado
282 Bardiglio Grey
720 Pearl Grey
728 Dark Grey


133 Sand
134 Silk
135 Golden dust
136 Mud
142 Brown
143 Terracotta
147 Cappuccino
152 Liquorice
729 Sahara Yellow


130 Jasmine
132 Beige 2000
138 Almond
139 Powder Pink
141 Caramel
162 Violet


120 Black
144 Chocolate
145 Terra di Siena
146 Rich Brown
149 Volcano sand
150 Yellow
151 Mustard Yellow
165 Cherry Red
171 Turquoise
172 Space Blue
173 Ocean Blue
183 Lime Green
283 Sea Blue
Light Gold

All Mapei grouts for ceramic tiles and stone material are in compliance with EN 13888 standards.

Due to the printing processes involved, the colours should be taken as merely indicative of the shades of the actual product. For an accurate colour representation, please refer to Mapei Coloured Grouts samples. Colours can be affected by the surface (where they are used) and the brightness of the environment.
Grout colors shown here may not accurately represent the actual color of the installed grout because of jobsite conditions, product preparation, installation methods, lighting, image variance on computer monitors, and the type of tile or stone utilized.
Consequently, MAPEI makes no representation, warranty or guarantee of any kind regarding the color, texture, appearance or suitability of our grouts. For those characteristics, MAPEI excludes all express or implied warranties including, but not limited to MERCHANTABILITY and FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.
Ultracolor Plus
Ultracolor Plus
Fast setting and drying, high performance, polymer-modified, anti-efflorescence, water repellent grout for joints from 2 to 20 mm with...
Keracolor SF
Keracolor SF
Fine-grained, high-performance white cementitious mortar for grouting joints up to 4 mm wide. 
Keracolor FF
Keracolor FF
High performance, polymer-modified water-repellent cementitious mortar with DropEffect® for grouting joints up to 6 mm. (available...
Keracolor GG
Keracolor GG
High performance, polymer-modified cementitious mortar for grouting 4 to 15 mm joints. (available in 14 colours)
Keracolor PPN
Keracolor PPN
High-strength, quick-setting grey cement pozzolan mortar with very low water absorption for grouting paved floors with joints from 5 to 30...
Two-component, acid-resistant, epoxy grout for joints over 3 mm. Kerapoxy is used for internal and external grouting of ceramic...
Kerapoxy Design
Kerapoxy Design
Two-component, decorative, translucent, acid-resistant epoxy mortar for grouting glass mosaics, ceramic tiles and stone material with a...
Kerapoxy CQ
Kerapoxy CQ
Two-component, acid-resistant epoxy grout which is particularly easy to apply and clean with a bacteriostatic agent, ideal for grouting...
Kerapoxy IEG
Kerapoxy IEG
Two-component epoxy mortar with an extremely high resistance to chemicals, or grouting tile joints with a minimum width of 3 mm. (available...
Kerapoxy P
Kerapoxy P
Two-component, acid-resistant grey cement epoxy mortar which is particularly easy to apply and clean, for grouting tile joints wider than 3...
Ready-to-use, polymeric, DropEffect®water-repellent and BioBlock® mould-resistant paste for grouting tile joints from 2 to 10...
Fix & Grout Brick
Fix & Grout Brick
Ready-to-use, high-performance, mould-resistant with BioBlock® technology paste for bonding brick slips and light weight...
Mapesil AC
Mapesil AC
Mould-resistant with BioBlock® technology, solvent-free, silicone sealant with acetic cross-linking for movement joint of ±20%...
Mapesil LM
Mapesil LM
Mould-resistant with BioBlock® technology, solvent-free, odourless neutral cross-linking silicone sealant for natural stone and ceramic...
Fuga Fresca
Fuga Fresca
Acrylic resin paint in water dispersion to bring back the colour of tile joints in ceramic tiles. (available in 34 colours)
Polyester, aluminium and epoxy resin metal-effect coloured glitter mixed with used for mixing with KERAPOXY DESIGN. (available in Silver...

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