The calculator allows you to estimate consumption rates according to specific project data, whatever type of sealant is used (cementitious, epoxy, in dispersion, polyurethane, acetic, etc.). In this case, all you need to know are the total metres to be sealed and the width and depth of the joint. The calculator also tells you the actual quantity you need to buy according to the various packaging sizes available. 

The calculation is based on the actual volume to be filled and the density of the product.

Since certain factors can influence actual consumption rates (such as the roughness of the tiles, the amount of waste, surfaces out of flat, etc.), the data supplied is merely indicative and for estimation purposes only.

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Elastic joint design

a - width of jointb - depth of joint
from 0 to 4 [mm]increase the width of the joint
from 5 to 9 [mm]b = a
from 10 to 20 [mm]b = 10 [mm]
from 21 to 40 [mm]b = a/2[mm]
greater than 40 [mm]reduce the width of the joint
To set the depth of the joint and prevent sealant adhering to the bottom, insert MAPEFOAM closed-cell, extruded foam polyethylene cord, supplied in rolls in various lengths according to the diameter of the cord, down into the joint.

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