The indisputable strength of MAPEI is to never disregard the requirements of each country and, in so doing, to count on only locally based managers and qualified personnel.
– Veronica Squinzi
Corporate CEO and Global Development Director

MAPEI around the world

Day in and day out, construction sites all around the world can count on us. The dialogue and synergy between the various MAPEI subsidiaries have made it possible for us to extend our presence around the world: Europe, Africa, the Americas, Asia and Oceania. And the results are there for all to see: optimization of logistics costs, proximity to our clientele, and a guarantee of maximum efficiency of production processes with total respect for the environment and the expectations of local inhabitants.

The strategy at the base of our success

Our internationalization strategy is based on two main objectives: to be closer to local needs and reduce transport costs to a minimum. The fundamental premise is that we are a global player that is run as a family company, but with a medium-term to long-term view of the future. We want to maximize growth and efficiency, and not only profits, by concentrating on a mix that includes products, production capacity and people.

The need to become global through internationalization is tightly connected to an increase in production capacity by having production facilities in the major market areas, in order to supply solutions in line with local needs while keeping costs under constant control.

This is why, over the years, we have acquired companies all around the world. Thanks to this strategy, a cement plant in Poland (Gorka Cement), an Italian company that mines quality sand (VA.GA.) and a German manufacturer of bituminous materials (Rasco Bitumentechnik) have all become part of MAPEI Group. Human resources are a central element to this approach: we promote the expertise of each individual and prepare our employees to make a difference.

Productos Bronco S.A.: Our entry into the Colombian market


One of the main objectives of our internationalization strategy is to be closer to local needs and optimize logistics. By following this principle, at the beginning of 2017 we acquired Productos Bronco S.A., a company specializing in the production of waterproofing products, sealants and finishes, which enabled us to enter the Colombian market. Thanks to this acquisition, we now have a stronger presence on the South American market and we have increased the potential of Productos Bronco S.A., especially from a technical and productive point of view. It serves as an excellent example of how both sides can benefit from synergic collaboration between different countries.


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