Specialization includes the exchange of knowledge between the various MAPEI Group research & development teams and the constant update of knowledge through joint research projects with the scientific community.
– Marco Squinzi
Corporate CEO and Research & Development Director

Research and innovation for a high-speed market

We have always been highly committed to this sector. Our research scientists work within a global network comprising 31 centers, with our Corporate Research Centre in Milan acting as a hub to coordinate the activities of all the other centers and as a central analysis laboratory. The centers, all equipped with cutting-edge equipment, collaborate continuously with universities and scientific and industrial research institutes.

The Research & Development laboratories also provide support for our Technical Services Division to help provide solutions for even the most complex requests from our clients. Working alongside these centers are our Quality Control laboratories, which are present in all the Group’s production facilities.

Our objective: To anticipate problems and supply solutions

The primary objective of our commitment to research is to supply users with innovative, safe solutions to improve all aspects of site work, including the most complex, difficult ones.

Every year we create thousands of new formulations used to design and construct in an eco-sustainable way. Our range of more than 5,500 products, manufactured locally in production facilities with full respect for the environment, are developed to reduce energy consumption and to be safe for workers and end users alike, and are certified according to the strictest official standards. With their cutting-edge technology, they meet all the needs of designers and end users alike, supplying the best solutions, whatever their needs, every time.


High-intensity R&D in the name of innovation and sustainability

Research, scientific developments and advances in technology all play a part in creating new prospects for our well-being and have a considerable impact on the whole of society.

Every new MAPEI product that is presented to the market is backed up by intense Research & Development. Every project that uses MAPEI products is like reaching the end of a long journey of research and analysis in which there have been numerous variables, starting with sustainability and arriving at the total satisfaction of the client and the durability of the structure.

To stop innovating is not possible: It would mean halting a process of growth, which is an integral part of our corporate vision.

The key themes are speed, expertise and multi-discipline skill sets.

The speed at which the market changes or develops requires, first and foremost, an immediate reaction regarding the creation of new products. This is why we have people with different areas of expertise working in our laboratories.

In order to create the final formulation, all the product’s physical and chemical characteristics are fully tested. The product is exposed to variations in temperature and humidity, and its emissions are analyzed to reduce its content of volatile organic compounds to a minimum. All these activities are carried out by hundreds of research scientists using the most sophisticated analysis equipment and instruments.

Innovation and sustainability are an essential combination for the well-being of future generations, a combination which we invest heavily in every year, with great success and satisfaction.


Thousands of products used to meet any and all requirements in the building world


MAPEI system solutions for every type of problem


Thousands of projects completed around the world

Our technologies

We have developed the concept of Green Innovation and have applied it to all those products which, apart from meeting the requirements of LEED regulations and the most important certification institutes, also have other characteristics to improve environmental comfort in the areas where they are applied and to safeguard the health of users. The results of real technological objectives will only be found in MAPEI products.

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