MAPEI targets segmental bridges with new Planibond SBA adhesives

February 4, 2021

Deerfield Beach, Florida – MAPEI recently introduced Planibond SBA two-component, epoxy bonding adhesives that are formulated for segmental bridges. Planibond SBA is available in three temperature classes: Planibond SBA 40-65 (Class D), Planibond SBA 60-90 (Class E) and Planibond SBA 75-115 (Class F). Each adhesive acts as a lubricant and sealer for match-cast precast segments used in span by span and cantilevered erection of segmented precast elements.

Planibond SBA is a great addition to our dynamic line of CRS epoxy-adhesive products,” said Kevin Smith, National Sales Director for MAPEI Corporation’s Concrete Restoration Systems line. “New segmental-bridge construction requires the right products, and this formulation not only offers a bonding solution but lubrication as well to aid in post-tensioning of match-cast precast segments, and creates a water-resistant seal after curing. It also offers a long working time and is easy to apply.”

Each Planibond SBA adhesive consists of epoxy resin (Part A) and curing agent (Part B). Each unit is proportioned to equal a yield of 3 U.S. gals. (11.4 L) when mixed and can be applied to a nominal thickness of 1/16” (1.5 mm) with a gloved hand or spatula. All three temperature classes of Planibond SBA, whether Class D, E or F, meet ASTM C881/C881M-15 (AASHTO M235).

“We are proud to bring a new product to the market that can meet the demands of design specifications for application thickness, temperature class and contact pressure for joining match-cast segments,” Smith said.

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