Smooth and repair on the go with Planiprep PSC

April 20, 2021

MAPEI recently expanded its Floor Covering Installation Systems line with the addition of Planiprep PSC, a fast-drying, cement-based, fiber-reinforced, high-polymer-modified patch and skimcoating compound designed for preparing concrete and wood substrates for flooring installation.

Planiprep PSC smooths and repairs subfloor surfaces before the installation of a variety of floor finishes. It is easy to mix, is moisture-resistant and dries quickly, allowing for rapid floor-covering installation.

“MAPEI’s powerhouse R&D group specifically designed Planiprep PSC for today’s demanding floor-covering installation practices,” said Jeff Johnson, MAPEI’s Business Manager for Floor Covering Installation Systems (FCIS) and Vice Chairman of Associates on the Executive Board of the Flooring Contractors Association (FCICA). “In particular, Planiprep PSC is formulated to work in perfect harmony with today’s high-performance, high-moisture-resistant adhesive products and withstand the same moisture conditions without fail.”

Planiprep PSC is suitable for a variety of substrates, including radiant-heat systems, and can be used on high-moisture-content concrete slabs (up to 15 lbs. [6.80 kg] moisture vapor emission rate and 99% relative humidity).

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Planiprep PSC
Planiprep PSC
Moisture-Resistant, Fast-Drying Patch and Skimcoating Compound Planiprep PSC is a fast-drying, cement-based, fiber-reinforced,…

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