Mapefibre IT 39 NV

Mapefibre IT 39 NV

Macro Synthetic Fibers for Shotcrete Applications

Mapefibre IT 39 NV are polyolefin macro synthetic fibers which provide excellent energy-absorption performance for all shotcrete applications.

  • Cost-efficient, non-corrosive alternative to welded-wire mesh
  • Helps maintain the workability of concrete without modifying the rheological properties of the mix design
  • Highly resistant to attack from external agents, such as carbon dioxide and products containing chloride
  • Provides a high level of adhesion in the cementitious paste, thereby increasing the ductility of concrete in the post-failure phase
  • Particularly suitable for shotcrete and precast concrete elements for final linings in underground construction such as mines and tunnels
  • Compatible with all other MAPEI admixtures used in the manufacture of high-quality concrete

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