Re-Con Zero Evo US

Turn a waste product into a revenue stream


Zero Environmental Impact


Re-Con Zero Evo US

Two-Component Powder Product for Recovering Returned Concrete

Re-Con Zero Evo US is a two-component powder product used to recover all “returned concrete” with zero impact on the environment and zero investment required for reclaiming plants.

  • Transforms returned concrete into new material that can be used again
  • Greatly reduces waste
  • Turns a waste product into a revenue stream

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Realtà MAPEI North America


N° 30 - 12/9/2022

Create sustainable concrete with Re-Con Zero Evo

Sustainability Research Product Spotlight

N° 30 - 1/20/2020

This question-and-answer session with David Sedan, Concrete Admixtures Technical Manager for MAPEI France, focuses on the international admixtures market.

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