Girdwood School

Location icon Girdwood, USA
Ref #: 200566


Yard elementary school
Location Girdwood, USA
Subcategory SCHOOL
Built in 1982
Opened in 1982
Application supply of cement based floorings
Start and finish date 2015
Application Type Cemetitious and resin floor coverings
Client Anchorage School District
Contractor company Watterson Construction
Specialists involved Sheila Wyne
MAPEI Distributor Anchorage Sand & Gravel Co, Inc.
Credits Tom Lundgren
Project Manager Greg Hutchins – Performa, Inc.
MAPEI Coordination Tom Lundgren (Mapei Corp.)
Other MAPEI’s Ultratop® PC polishable concrete topping was used in a public arts project at an elementary school in Alaska. The public art had a practical side, as Ultratop PC formed a durable yet artistic floor for students to walk on.

Product used for the project

Mapecem Quickpatch
Mapecem Quickpatch
High-Performance Concrete Patch Mapecem Quickpatch is a high-performance,…
Planibond AE
Planibond AE
High-Strength, Nonsag, Epoxy Anchoring Gel Planibond AE is a high-strength,…
Planibond EBA
Planibond EBA
High-Modulus Epoxy Bonding Agent Planibond EBA is a two-component,…
3000023 - Ultratop PC
Ultratop PC
Product not available for this market,
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