Loyola University Medical Center

Location icon Chicago (Maywood), USA
Ref #: 200545


Yard Loyola University Medical Center
Location Chicago (Maywood), USA
Subcategory HOSPITAL
Built in 2012
Opened in 2012
Application Loyola University Medical Center
Start and finish date 2012
Application Type Installation of floors
Client Loyola University Medical Center
Contractor company NA
Installer companies Mr. David's Flooring International
Architects NA
Specialists involved NA
MAPEI Distributor Carpet Cushions & Supply
Credits Richard York
Project Manager Peter Standish
Other MAPEI’s Planiprep Surface Preparation Products were used to clean and prepare post-abatement-treated hospital floors prior to installing new vinyl plank floor covering with Ultrabond ECO 360 high-performance adhesive.

Product used for the project

Planiprep ET
Planiprep ET
Epoxy Concrete  Subfloor Treatment Planiprep ET epoxy concrete subfloor…
Planiprep SA
Planiprep SA
Concrete Scouring Agent Planiprep SA is a powerful, acidic scouring solution…
Planiprep SC
Planiprep SC
High-Performance, Fiber-Reinforced Skimcoating Compound Planiprep SC is a…
Primer T
Primer T
All-Purpose Primer for Self-Leveling Underlayments Primer T is a low-VOC,…
Ultrabond ECO 360
Ultrabond ECO 360
Premium, High-Performance Adhesive for Solid Vinyl Sheet, Tile and Plank…

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