University of Utah

Location icon Salt Lake City, USA
Ref #: 200578


Yard Hospital Helipad
Location Salt Lake City, USA
Subcategory HOSPITAL
Application supply of products for resin floor application on concrete screed
Start and finish date 2007
Application Type Cemetitious and resin floor coverings
Client University of Utah

Product used for the project

Mapefloor Finish 450
Mapefloor Finish 450
Two-Component, Aliphatic, Polyurethane Topcoat Mapefloor Finish 450 is a…
Planiseal HG
Planiseal HG
Clear, High-Gloss, 100%-Solids, Epoxy Sealer Planiseal HG is a solvent-free,…
Planiseal Traffic Coat
Planiseal Traffic Coat
Epoxy Overlay for Vehicular and Pedestrian Traffic Planiseal Traffic Coat is a…
Primer SN
Primer SN
Two-Component, Filled, Epoxy Primer Primer SN is a two-component, filled,…

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