From Realtà Mapei n° 32 - 2/23/2021

Dispensing Admixtures

No matter the dose or jobsite, MAPEI can provide a customized dispensing solution for admixtures.

Admixtures for concrete are crucial on a construction site. They can control the speed at which the concrete sets. They can add strength, inhibit corrosion, reduce shrinkage and much more, all depending upon the requirements of the project. With MAPEI’s Admixtures for Concrete product line, chemistry and technology combine to create cutting-edge concrete solutions. Therefore, it stands to reason that the delivery systems for these solutions are as innovative as the products themselves.

“It really is all about our ability to service our customers,” said Jesse Osborne, MAPEI Admixtures’ Sales Director – Concrete Admixtures and Cement Additives. “Not only do we provide them with customizable admixtures, we can provide them with the perfect, durable, customizable delivery system for those admixtures.”

In baking, success or failure depends on the exact measurement of the ingredients. So too with concrete admixtures. However, with admixtures we’re talking tons, not tablespoons. And with these measurements, more is at stake than dry cakes or a fallen meringue. “The measurements have to be precise,” Osborne stated. MAPEI Admixtures’ pump-driven dispensers automatically and precisely deliver the calibrated dose of admixture materials, freeing the crew to focus on application.

Not only must these dispensers fit the job requirements, they also must fit the jobsite. “Each dispenser is customized to fit each customer’s individual needs,” Osborne said. Subsequently, MAPEI Admixtures’ dispenser capabilities run the gambit from portable, wheeled units to complex multi-bottle dispensing systems that fill rooms. “We even have meter direct systems that are housed in converted freight trailers. Repurposed trailers make great admixture dispensaries.”

For the uninitiated, there are two types of dispensers: Meter direct systems and bottle systems. The meter direct system is used for mobile installations, such as with the repurposed freight trailers and the portable wheeled units. The bottle system is used for permanent installations – typically large jobs that require multiple bottles.

Osborne explained, “Regardless of the system that is chosen, MAPEI Admixtures will design and install it at the customer’s site. And the individual factors of each site – terrain, environment, facility capabilities, etc. – are taken into account in the design and install process. These are truly customized dispensers. From the very first site visit, to technical assembly, to continued delivery of admixtures, MAPEI is a partner in the dispensing business. We take great pride in our ability to service our clients.”


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