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Don't replace your luxury vinyl tile: ReNewIt with MAPEI's Ultracoat system

Save time and money — and your LVT/LVP flooring — with the Ultracoat system
Dont Replace your luxxury vinyl tile

Luxury vinyl tile/plank (LVT/LVP) flooring is designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and hygienic. It takes a beating from foot traffic and cleaning, becoming worn and trapping dirt/ bacteria in the process. Rather than removing and replacing your LVT and LVP floor, you have another solution – one that will help save time, money and the environment.

As a world leader in chemical products for the construction industry, MAPEI has designed systems to solve floor maintenance problems quickly and efficiently: Clean, renovate and protect existing LVT/LVP flooring using our Ultracoat ReNewIt systems.

The ingredients for LVT/LVP renewal

Clean the existing LVT/LVP floor with a one-two punch of Ultracoat ReNewIt Remover and Ultracoat ReNewIt Cleaner. Ultracoat ReNewIt Remover is a cleaner and polish remover that provides a deep-down cleaning, removing existing contaminants from the floor. Ultracoat ReNewIt Cleaner is a spot-free cleaner and rinsing solution designed to remove any remaining dirt before the application of Ultracoat ReNewIt Primer.

Renovate and protect existing flooring with Ultracoat ReNewIt Primer in combination with Ultracoat HT 2K or Mapecoat 4 LVT. Ultracoat ReNewIt Primer quick-drying bonding agent allows the new finish to adhere to the existing floor. Ultracoat HT 2K low-odor, low-VOC, polyurethane finish renovates and hermetically seals the existing flooring, reducing the chance for mold, bacteria and germs to form between floor joints. If needed, Mapecoat 4 LVT [NA] anti-slip polyurethane finish can be used instead of Ultracoat HT 2K to provide an additional measure of non-slip resistance.

Instead of tearing up your existing LVT/LVP floor, ReNewIt... with help from MAPEI. To find out more about this system solution, contact your MAPEI representative or visit our Website at

The system at a glance

MAPEI’s Ultracoat ReNewIt systems can include the following products for a complete floor cleaning and renovation system.

  • Ultracoat ReNewIt Remover: Ready to use and works quickly to remove polish and contaminants from the floor
  • Ultracoat ReNewIt Cleaner: Ready-to-use cleaner that removes contaminants and will not leave a residue on the floor
  • Ultracoat ReNewIt Primer: Two-component bonding agent that is clear and quick-drying, ensuring adhesion of the new finish to the existing flooring
  • Ultracoat HT 2K: Two-component, waterborne polyurethane finish that is low-odor, low-VOC and UV-resistant, providing superior resistance to traffic and abrasion. It protects and hermetically seals the joints to make the flooring look newer as well as easier to clean and maintain, thereby providing a cleaner environment at a lower cost of maintenance.
  • Mapecoat 4 LVT [NA]: Two-component, aliphatic, anti-slip, polyurethane finish in water dispersion that provides a non-slip finish with a high resistance to wear

Ultracoat ReNewIt systems seal the joints, creating an attractive, protected, monolithic coating that withstands wear and tear and will be easier to clean. Contact your MAPEI representative about them today.

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