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March 16, 2020. 4:30 PM

For easy plumb walls, Planitop 330 Fast comes to the rescue

There is one thing you can count on when approaching a wall tile installation: The walls are rarely plumb (out of vertical) and true. MAPEI’s Planitop 330 Fast was designed to fix out-of-plumb walls and more. Here’s a typical jobsite scenario:…

March 11, 2020. 2:53 PM

Tips for using repair mortars in cold weather

Cold temperatures can significantly impact the performance of repair mortars. As a result, one needs to be acutely familiar with how lower ambient and substrate temperatures (like cold weather) can negatively affect product performance. As…

December 10, 2019. 7:34 PM

Total Solutions Plus unites the tile industry

As I attempted to navigate around the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee, I began to reflect on the name of the event – Total Solutions Plus – that I was attending for the first time. It seemed like a strange name…

May 1, 2019. 4:45 PM

Too much or too little water can sabotage cement mixtures

“How much water do I need to use in mixing cement-based products?” That is not such a simple question. To answer it, we need to look at the chemistry of cement and how water plays such an important role. What many in the industry do not realize is…

March 14, 2019. 3:32 PM

Mapecontact MRT: Simplifying how resilient flooring is installed over concrete

Many installations are fast-track, so you can get in and get out as quickly as possible. But no matter how well you plan an installation, issues come up and these delays can cost money. What if you get to the jobsite and find out that you are to…

February 28, 2019. 10:43 PM

Installing Quarry Tile in a Commercial Kitchen

Among the benefits of ceramic tile are resistance to weather, chemicals and wear. One of the heartiest types of tile is unglazed quarry tile (sometimes also referred to as klinker tile). You are probably familiar with quarry tile in restaurants; it…

January 7, 2019. 4:36 PM

Blue Stains on Tile

Are the tiles in your bath, shower, shower head or faucets, turning blue? What causes this discoloration and where does it come from? In most cases, blue/green tinted stains are caused by the water flowing through your pipes having a low (acidic)…

November 10, 2018. 12:39 AM

Restoring the I-80 Verdi Bridge

November is National Historic Bridge Awareness Month and to commemorate it, we would like to revisit the restoration of the Interstate 80 (I-80) Verdi Bridge and MAPEI’s contribution to preserve the structure. Many of our nation's bridges were…

November 6, 2018. 5:25 PM

MAPEI Product Support

You have the questions and MAPEI Product Support has the answers! Whether you are a first-time Do-It-Yourselfer putting up a kitchen backsplash or a seasoned General Contractor bidding on a billion-dollar construction project, our highly…

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